Your Friday Art Cats Says Goodbye

Goodbye to winter, that is! SO LONG!! and hello SPRING! Cats love spring with it’s intermittent days of warmth, promising flowers, and longer, lighter days. This year, spring will last for 92 days, 18  hours and 3 minutes. You can keep track of the official second that the vernal equinox will arrive where you are with this countdown to spring tracker!

Cat with dogwoods in mixed-media
Finally Warm Enough, mixed-media with color copy transfer, ink, colored pencil, and pen

If you’re interested in seeing more of my art and cats, please check out my blog at Art is Not for Sissies. Thanks!

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When in doubt, add a kitty.


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34 thoughts on “Your Friday Art Cats Says Goodbye

    1. If I had cats, I’d have one cat named “Hamilton” and one named “Burr” and they could duel with each other at 3-4 AM. And my children would not like taking care of the litter-ature. I’m sure.

  1. We are soo happy!!! We can hear the birds singing, we can see and smell the grass and we finally got our sunny patio back…Yeeees!
    Happy Spring!

    The cool cats of Carleton Place

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