Nubia: Welcome to my castle

Hi everyone,

My brother and I got a really special delivery the other day! 🙂


Nubia: It even had our names on it 😀


Nubia: OMG! Look! It’s the largest feather EVER and some extra catnip. <3


Nubia: But will I fit in?


Nubia: Yes! It’s just purrfect for me. 😀


Nubia: *Licks lips* I wonder if I can get lunch brought to my castle… 😮


Oliver: Hi!

Nubia: Oh no not you… this is MY HOUSE!

Oliver: It doesn’t say so anywhere… Anyway…


Oliver: *Kisses* I’ve only come around to give you a kissy. 😀

Nubia: Awww so you can be nice after all! <3 But I thought my house came with my name tag???


Nubia: Can’t see anything from here…


Nubia: Oh… It really isn’t there!!! HOOMINS!!!!


Nubia: Excellent… Much better now everyone (especially my brother) knows it’s my castle alone! 😀 But time to let the humans tell you a bit more about the house!

Product Review:
Right on so the house or castle as Nubia is calling it comes from CatFurNature and is their White & Gold Filigree cat house. at £10.99 including free UK delivery and an extra bag of catnip we can not fault the guys behind CatFurNature at all!

The cardboard of the house appears to be thinner than those of equivalent box type houses we have tried but when again this one does come at a lot lower price than the others we have tested! In terms of stability and durability the house appears to be just fine though as we even had Oliver balance on top of it for a while LOL.

Overall verdict:
If you are looking for an affordable cat house with the option to add your cat’s name as a sticker you’ve found the right place. Free UK delivery is great and international options are available! In addition to the house that we have featured the also do cat cubes.

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Oliver & Nubia and Marc 😉

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37 thoughts on “Nubia: Welcome to my castle

  1. Ritu says:

    It’s great…. We had a similar one last year for Sonu Singh… His birthday present. It was hilarious how the front was pristine, but he’d chewed the back end to bits! Appearances were important to him!
    Then one day he obviously has enough, and wrecked the front too!!!

  2. portapatetcormagis says:

    Aw! I hope Oliver is going to have a palais on his own and does not have to live “under the bridge” (i. e. on the Sofa)?

  3. clcouch123 says:

    Thank you for reading from my blog. I think my cat would have given me the filagreed box and kept the rest of the place. But this box is attractive (to us people) and more importantly attractive to Nubia. I hope she treasures her own bit of space. And Oliver continues to behave. I see an image of a tall feather above (the photographs throughout the site are grand). My cat was gifted by (human) friends some wild turkey feathers. They went over (under, across the face, along the ears) quite well. Again, Thank you.

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