Guest Star: Socks and the Cat Cottage

 Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from MS Wiesman:

I have brought home another kitty to live in my new cat cottage.

Socks showed up as a stray at my sister’s house about seven years ago. Carolyn ( my late sister) took care of Socks , but she became very ill.


I had to make her home in another city my second home so I could care for her. Socks and I spent many days and evenings outside in her front yard as I woul  d tell Socks all my feelings, fears, and share my heartbreak with him over Carolyn’s declining health.

She had to move to be near me and a neighbor said she would continue to care for Socks after she moved. She did that, but then Sock disappeared after about six months.

Then six months or more later Socks showed up at the door of another of her neighbors and he made Socks an indoor cat. Sadly, he wrote a while back and said he was no longer able to keep Socks and would I come get him. So I drove to my sister’s old neighborhood in another city to pick up Socks and bring him to my new cat cottage.

I think he will do fine. He has always gotten along with other cats and people. He is very gentle and loving. Some people say my sweet sister sent him to me.

2015-08-03 001 008

So I picked up Socks and brought him to his new home.  He shares a special cat cottage I had built for my six rescue cats.  It is air-conditioned and heated and has lots spaces, windows, and cat condos in it.  I spend a lot of time with my cats out there.


Socks never ever hissed, spewed or raised a paw at the other cats and they too accepted him without any problems.

All the cats including Socks now live happily and peacefully in their home.  I know my sweet sister is very happy that Socks is with me now to be loved forever.

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31 thoughts on “Guest Star: Socks and the Cat Cottage

  1. LydiaA1614 says:

    It is so nice to hear stories like this, where an animal finds a new loving home after their human companions pass. My sister-in-law takes in dogs and cats each with their own story. It sounds like socks (a real handsome guy), has it pretty good in the cat cottage!

  2. dancingpalmtrees says:

    Socks is very handsome. When I retire I would also love to have a Cat Cottage to care for homeless kitties. When President Clinton was in office he or rather his daughter Chelsea had a cat name Socks.

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