Mews: Christmas Guide for Catlovers and Owners Part 2

Hi everyone,

Due to popular demand here is part 2 of our Christmas gift guide! This time we have made the effort to find more international and US items based on feedback from readers. There are of course still plenty of UK ones as well. 😀

In the first section we will cover the gifts for humans :


These amazing Wall Prints come from Photowall and they have LOADS more available. 😀


These are just two of our favourites that they do. 🙂 More on their site here.


Auburn Jewelery produces a few funky ranges for cat lovers such as the one shown above. Of course they don’t just do pet related ones so there is plenty to choose from on their website here! My persoanl favourite? The cat cufflinks here.

Amazing water colour pictures or…

… beautiful cushions! LoLo-Ology has it all in their Etsy shop! 🙂

These 200 cat sticker are just adorable!!!! Published by Ulysses Press they are available through your usual “book” channels. 🙂

Genie Gadgets has a variety of cute gifts and gadgets alike but this coffee cup seems perfect for a Secret Santa purchase! 😉 This one is £8.45 and available to UK and Ireland residents.

Looking for a special day out including a cat themed activity? Buyagift has many of these on their site! 🙂

Shiny Little Blessings will be able to produce your fur-friends name on a very special pendant! These are lovely and we will be doing a review feature on their products later on. 🙂


Right! I WANT one of those mugs!!! They can be found here. Plus ankit has many more cat themed items! 😀

Honeycat cosmetics produces cosmetics and bath products that are NOT tested on animals. Combine that with the cute name and it just HAD to go into the gift guide! Check them out here.

Looking more for toys and gifts for the kitties? Those are below:


Looking for the perfect deterrent to keep your cat off your priced laptop? Get them their own here! 😀


The FURminator! A perfect little gadget and available worldwide from most retailers and online shops. 🙂 We have also reviewed it in the past and have to say it’s an amazing gadget!

Looking for the ultimate cat hamper in the US? YPCK has the perfect choice for you. 😀

Or alternatively how about a customised stocking?

These cool cat doughnuts come from Seeka Design! We will be reviewing their amazing toys soon. 🙂


This sure is a very unique scratch pad sold by Lazybonezz! We like the fact that someone thought of how to make it easy for our furfriends to use the scratcher! Purrfect angle one may say. 😉

Looking for something great for your cats that will also enhance your living room? Check out Stephanie’s guide to plants that your cat can eat here!


Looking for the ultimate cute cat toy? We came across this amazing brand called Polydactyl that produces loads of fun shaped cat toys! They sell them directly on their Etsy shop here.


I want some of those for Oliver and Nubia for sure!

Wanting to support local business AND get the perfect present for your cat loving friend? The Seattle General store has it all! This is just one of their examples of cat related sets of gifts. 😀

Watermelons and cats?!? Hell yes!!!! This is just one of the funky designs of The Cat Ball!

Happy customer

Of course with all the toys you do need something to help “relax” your kitties. Colorado Kitty Pot is a Social Enterprise that raises money through the sale of catnip and other funky items to help support the Harley’s Hope Foundation.

A camera that  comes with a laser toy? I am sold! 😀 More on their website here. And we will also be doing a dedicated review for them soon!

So what was your favourite gift suggestion?!?

For more ideas you can also browse our in house product reviews here. These are products that we have thoroughly tested and provided you with our own photos and recommendations.

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21 thoughts on “Mews: Christmas Guide for Catlovers and Owners Part 2

  1. coffeewitholiver says:

    I now have like 9 new windows opened in my browser to links from here :p This really is a very thoughtful list, full of amazing ideas and things… thank you and a big hug for Oliver and Nubia. Well, maybe they’d prefer a scratch.


    • Marc-André says:

      Haha. Thank you ^^ glad you liked the list. :). And Oli and Nubia say thank you. 😀 and scratch proffered – especially Oli doesn’t like it when I start hugging him. 😉

  2. fizzylizzy2003 says:

    The beautiful cat’s expression with the doughnuts is priceless, I never tire of watching these wonderful creatures that we are blessed to share our homes with, I love them all, colour, breed, male female, they are all fascinating and no house is a home without a cat

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