Product Review: Cat Grooming and the FURminator

Cat Grooming is obviously a very important part of looking after your cat. While most cats will groom themselves we want to help them and stop unnecessary furballs!

Unfortunately there is a HUGE amount of brushes and combs out there that just don’t work well or will pull the cats hair…

Have you tried using a comb like the one below?

standard comb

When we do share your pain!

The two products that have worked best on our cats are the Zoom Groom Brush by Kong.

zoom groom

zoom groom 2

This brush works very well on all types of cats and gently takes out any loose hair. However while effective will not get rid of the loose hair in the undercoat. Cats (and some humans) do however really love being massaged with this brush =D

If you would like to buy your own one you can find these on for GBP3.99 by clicking here. Or if you prefer Amazon it is available there for GBP 4.99 by clicking here.

The clear winner in our test has definatly been the FURminator – This grooming tool has got to be the most amazing ever as it gently takes out any loose hair (Please be careful with knots though!!! Do not use it on entangled hair as with all brushes this can hurt your cat)

There are two versions available of the a Furminator, one for long hair and one for short/medium hair cats.

The results do speak for themselves!


(Sorry Nubes for being our guineapig!)


There is an easy to use button on the back of the Furminator in order to push off the hair that is stuck.


And this was the amount of hair that comes of Nubes after 5 minutes or so of grooming her (and that’s grooming her on a regular basis with the FURminator!)

Some of you are probably thinking god if it takes off that much hair surely it must hurt my cat! Yes we had the same thought which is why we tried it on a human and can confirm that it didn’t hurt nore did it take off any hair as it really just does what it claims – take off loose hair.

Have to say that the price tag on the Furminator with an RPP off around GBP30.00 is quite a lot, but as you can see the results are well worth the money spend!

Also currently has special offers on both versions of the Furminator available. Both of them are available in Small for cats up to 4.5KG and Large for cats ABOVE 4.5KG (The description on Zooplus is a bit misleading here as it says above 4.5kg for both…)

The small versions are currently priced at GBP19.90 and the large ones at GBP23.90

As for general grooming tips your cat make sure that you introduce these products slowly.

Some cats may love being groomed but if your cat doesn’t fall into that category start with short sessions and reward your cat with treats at the beginning, throughout and after. This will make your cat associate a nice event (who wouldn’t sweets 😉 ) with the act of being groomed. And before you know it your cat will come and WANT to be groomed even without constant treats.

If you have questions or are looking for tips around cat grooming feel free to drop us a message!

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