Shiny Little Blessings brought to you by Angel Eyes


‘Shiny Little Blessings’ is all about celebrating the blessings in your life and expressing yourself with personalized and custom made jewellery you wear!!!  Sabine Schoepke is the founder of ‘Shiny Little Blessings’ -She originally started on Etsy in 2009. They were aslo featured at the 2015 Primetime  Emmy Awards.


I’m going to open it for you so you can see how beautiful it is… Purr.. Ready set…..


Wow, it was wrap so pretty I really didn’t want to mess it up, but I saw the ribbon and it was all over..


On to my ribbon for now…


Sorry for the blurriness I was having so much fun with the ribbon..


Mom put it on so you can see how it looks. What do you think? I think it’s Purrffect!!!


Shiny little Blessings makes all kinds of Jewellery from bracelets, earrings, necklace for Him or Her they are beautiful hand stamp but the hard part is to pick the one you love because they are all beautiful and can be personalized. They have even a personalized guitar pick now that is amazing.


If you like what you see so far I have something amazing to tell you about Shiny Little Blessings they can take a photo and make an Engraved picture Pendent off a photo.. Do you think my photo would look good in a pendent? That would make a nice gift for mom from me.


Mom sure does love the pendent with my name on it and she wears it every day now..  If you would like to get a piece of jewellery from Shiny Little Blessings here is the links for you..

Website      –

Twitter        –

Pinterest     –

Instagram   –

Goggle          –

Email            –


Thank you for stopping by to see the beautiful Shiny Little Blessings remember we are blessings in this world. Leave us a message and let me know what you think…. Love to hear from all of you.

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Angel Eyes

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15 thoughts on “Shiny Little Blessings brought to you by Angel Eyes

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  2. Lael says:

    Angel Eyes, I want to kiss your beautiful face! Growing up I was lucky enough to be owned by a beautiful Persian named Lolita aka Lolly, and she shared your gorgeous eye colour. Seeing you has brought back such fine memories. Perhaps I should get a necklace in her honour!

    • Angel's Eyes - Persian says:

      Awwww I bet Lolita was gorgeous, they have such wonderful personalities and fun loving. If you want to see more of Angel she has two sites one is on WordPress Called Angel’s Life and the second one is on Facebook called Angel’s Eyes – Persian

  3. Denise Sanders says:

    I love the look of this beautiful pendant and have already visited their website. They have gorgeous earrings as well. Thank you for your lovely review! It was as beautiful as you are! Xxxxxxx

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