Clever Girl

Not A Cat Place, Lola!

Not A Cat Place, Lola!
Sometimes Lola is not very clever. It sounds like a terrible thing to say but it’s true. She does things that, really, she should know better.

Take today for example. We were getting ready to leave and Lola hopped up on the stool near the shoe rack to “talk” to us. (And when I say talk I, of course, mean yell!) She decided it would be fun to whack at the coats hanging behind her. And promptly leaned back too far and fell off the stool.

Then there’s her attempts to escape her twice daily medication. If she thinks it’s medicine time she’ll run away from us. She hasn’t quite worked out that medicine only happens in the morning and the evening, and so will on random occasions during the day decide that it would be a good time to avoid us. Just in case medicine is on its way.

Time For A Cat NapHer choices of hiding place often aren’t very clever either. One of her favourite ones recently is behind the curtain in the living room. She’ll run and sit beside it, making a very obvious lump, and doesn’t try to run any further after that. Surely she hears us approaching even if she can’t see us, but even if one of us reaches down and touches her through the curtain she seems to think we won’t be able to find her.

Another example – sometimes the boys can get a bit exuberant in their playing, which is not fun for Lola as she often doesn’t want to play in the first place. We’ll intervene if things seem to be getting too rough, but inevitably she will then go back to the boy and then get confused by why they are picking on her again.

Definitely a silly girl.


Lady Joyful

Do your cats ever do things that they should know better? What silly things have your cats done lately?

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42 thoughts on “Clever Girl

  1. MELewis says:

    We also have a white cat – Bianca, how original is that? 😉 And she is also a bit of a klutz….although very good at hiding. Perhaps it is something to do with the colour?

  2. toutparmoi says:

    Oh, this brings back memories of a real klutz cat my family had. We took her in as a pregnant stray. She had five kittens. I was doing some ironing, and stood the iron on the ironing board while I reached for a coat-hanger. The klutz cat jumped up onto the board and landed so heavily the board nearly fell over and the iron fell off.

    It hurtled straight down towards one of her kittens (then about 7 weeks old) who was lying on the floor “fighting” one of the ironing board’s legs. My younger brother, who has lightening-fast reactions, made a dive for the iron but missed it. Fortunately the iron missed the kitten by a whisker. But my brother and I were left gasping.

  3. Stormwise says:

    Judging by the first picture, of Lola emerging from the washing machine, I’d say she comes out all-white X-D

    I have a calico who is perhaps the most adventurous cat I’ve ever known – I often like to compare personalities of house cats to fitting big cats, and my Calleigh would be a perfect fit for a lioness. But she’s as clumsy as they get. I guess knowing that, and still being as adventurous as she is, means she’s twice the brave kitty … unless she’s just in denial, which I wouldn’t put beneath any cat to be 🙂

      • Stormwise says:

        I think she’s a sweet cat .. just about everyone else does, too, except for the tomcat, Frodo. Frodo is roughly twice Calleigh’s size (not fat, he’s just not far from a Main Coon in height and length); but whenever Calleigh wants Frodo to move (you’re in my favorite spot in the sunlight, you’re under my favorite blanket, you dared to walk right in front of me, etc.), she has learned that clamping her teeth (or nowadays just threatening to) on a part of Frodo’s body that seems fairly sensitive to her teeth will yield her desired result every time. Sweet Calleigh rules the roost, so to speak; and does so rather ruthlessly 😉

    • Lady Joyful says:

      We do try to leave them to play most of the time, even if it seems rough. Sometimes though Lola will try to get away and the boys will follow, which is the point at which we intervene. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  4. jeneanebehmeswritings says:

    My cat, Willow, sees her reflection in my patio door and hisses and whacks her paw, hard, at it. She keeps it up until her paw starts hurting and then she runs away to hide in the bathtub behind the shower curtain…so the other cat can’t find her lol!

    • Lady Joyful says:

      Aw, what a sweetie! I remember when we were fostering kittens they would get very confused when they first saw the mirror in our hallway. Adorable! Thanks for commenting 🙂

      • jeneanebehmeswritings says:

        Lol, oh I forgot about one of our cats from long ago who loved to jump up on the bathroom vanity and would try so hard to ignore that “other” cat in the mirror but she would also try to keep track of it by trying to look at it out of the corner of her eyes! Finally she would give a great hiss and a YEOWWW and then she would bitch-slap that “other” cat until she got tired and then she would jump down and walk away with her head and tail up in such proud dignity. Thank you so much for giving me that memory back!

  5. Melanie Noell Bernard says:

    Aw! She sounds adorable and allows for lots of laughter in the house. ^.^ I wish my cat did silly things, but he’s too lazy. He’d much rather just lay there and have you push the toy within paw reach than actually get up and get it himself. So lazy. :p

  6. imaginealpha says:

    Tess, she loves to hide under everything. One thing is, everywhere she hides, her tail is ALWAYS STICKING OUT. IN PLAIN SIGHT. It’s so funny because we go and touch her tail to let her know we can see her, and she pulls it back, but a moment later it is sticking out again like a stout branch in a bush. XD

  7. mvaden1948 says:

    I had a cat, Nissana, who was afraid of a lot of things. I think she had a very hard early life. When she and her daughter Lili first came to live with me every morning before I went to work I couldn’t find her. We lived in an apartment and there was no way out. After a couple of days I discovered that this lovely mostly black but with some white tuxedo would hid in the darkest corner under the bed and tuck in all of her white parts making her invisible. She was declawed before she came to me and I think the previous people must have put her outside when they left. She finally after a few months got over that but she still hid from other people and loud noises….on the bed under the comforter. I would come home to a big lump in the middle of the bed. Your lump behind the curtain so reminded me of her.
    Your Lola is doing her best.

    • Lady Joyful says:

      Nissana sounds a bit like Sampson. When he was living with my family back in England he would frequently “go missing” if any strangers came to the house. I don’t think we ever worked out his hiding place(s)! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  8. artseafartsea says:

    Your story is so cute and funny. Reminds of my cat Lady. She has always hidden under the throw I keep on my recliner and thinks she is invisible there. I have almost sat on her a few times. But she loves it under blankets, throws etc. And of course she thinks no one can see her. So cute!

  9. pilch92 says:

    Silly and pretty. My Sammy will meow like a kitten and his sister Joanie checks on him every time and every time he pounces on her 🙂

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