Oliver & Nubia: Hiding and Climbing fun with our MyFourCats Tower

Hi everyone,

Hi everyone! It’s Oliver here today. You are probably wondering what I am sitting in right now. Well this is my new hiding place the Cat Tower from our friends MyFourCats

When it first arrived both sis and myself were like what is it!!!

But I quickly figured out that it was awesome to sit on it or sleep in it! 😮


Oliver: Like here! I mean come on – it’s such a great place. Soft padded. Great colour to complement my fur.

Nubia: Shouldn’t you start at the beginning rather than showing everyone how full you are of yourself? 😮

Oliver: How rude of you! But ok you’ve got a point… Below you can see our first exploration of the tower!


Nubia: Hold on a second why are you in the same box as me…

Oliver: Sorry to disappoint but I was here first! Both holes go into the same entrance! =p


Oliver: And it is so nice and fluffy in here!

Nubia: I want too…


Nubia: Since you are in the bottom maybe I can jump up on the top!


Nubia: Ok… that didn’t quite work. 😮


Nubia: Maybe in here??

Oliver: Nooooo I want to go there too!


Oliver: I wonder what’s in here???


Oliver: Right this has now completely tired me out…  Time for a nap while the humans tell you more about the tower!

Product Review:
The MyfourCats cube are a brilliant invention! I am sure I don’t need to tell anyone of you how much cats love boxes so to have a box that comes in loads of different designs with versatile customisation option is a win win situation for both us and our cat overlords!

We have had our cat cube for two months now and so far have not noticed any wear and tear despite mischievous Oli which shows the quality of their cubes. They are also very stable even if Mr 4.5kg jumps on and off his tower. 🙂

If you are looking for an economical entry into their box sets you can get them without cushion or scratchy corner here from £9.99.

Prefer a cube bed or a cube with a scratchy roof to keep your cat’s claws busy on something else than the expensive sofa? No problem you can find these here from £20.97!

Looking for the extra oomph to give your cat the purrfect playground? Those sets you can find here! The set we reviewed is a Deluxe Cat Bed Tower: (with base & scratchy corner) and costs £56.91

Shipping within the UK is free if you purchase £50 worth of cat fun. 🙂

Our Overall verdict?:
We love these! Not just do they come in loads of funky colours but they are also produced using only colours that are safe for cats.

It’s also great that customers don’t need to purchase a complete set right away you can always purchase additional cubes to connect them and even if you have gone for a basic cube only model you can buy extra add-ons such as scratchy corners later!

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About MyFourCats:

Inspiration, Creativity, Design & Living with My Four Cats

Our four cats were all rescued by the RSPCA. We support & believe in #AdoptDontShop

Isabel was born in 2008 and we adopted her when she was four months old. We know nothing of what happened to her before she came to us. At first, she rarely meowed and hid in her carrier box with her blanket and stuffed animals. It took two months for her to come out of her shell and trust us…god only knows what had happened to her. Now, she is the loudest and most talkative of all four cats! You can read more about her and see her kitten photos on our blog www.myfourcats4.wordpress.com

Tristan was born in 2010 and he came to us when he was six weeks old. His mother had been dumped whilst pregnant and was run over by a car. She managed to have her kittens and survive until being rescued. Her leg was amputated and she never saw her kittens again. Tristan was semi-feral and eventually we learned from the vet that he is half Bengal. The first few weeks he never slept so we didn’t sleep either! Eventually, over several months, he calmed down and bonded with Isabel. For over a year it was the two of them. It had gone so well that we decided to adopt another cat.

Next was Bridget and Fernando. Born in 2011 at the RSPCA centre I was volunteering for, these two tuxedo long haired siblings stole my heart! Initially, I was only going to adopt Bridget but it was obvious from birth that she & Fernando were inseparable so of course I brought both of them home!

So, our four cats became a family! It’s not always easy but they all get along!

What led to us designing and making our range of products? We wanted something affordable but attractive & inventive. Something that would make our cats feel safe, want to play, to curl up & nap. A product that fits in any room of the home. Something modular, easily updated, affordable, recyclable, and always engaging to cats. So, with 25 years of design experience, we came up with this product line primarily for our own use, but then our friends and family loved it for their cats and then we thought…let’s try and share it with the world!

So here we are: My Four Cats!

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18 thoughts on “Oliver & Nubia: Hiding and Climbing fun with our MyFourCats Tower

  1. Boomdeeadda says:

    It definitely looks like a winner. Nicer Decor appeal than typical ones. I always giggle at the commentary and the photo’s were fun too. I think Petals a and Blossum would be jealous for sure.

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