Guest Post: Cat Cuddling in Carcassonne

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Lynn Hutton:

Yesterday I went to my local cat shelter here in France to take photographs of some of the 180 or so cats and kittens resident here at the moment for our Facebook Page and my blog. Of course, in
between photographs, I had to play with the kittens and cuddle the cats.

catrescuecarcassonneblog (9)

It’s a hard job but somebody has to do it!

There are more than 180 cats and kittens here at the moment. Some of the cats have been here for years but, luckily, this particular refuge has a policy of not euthanizing their cats or dogs (yes, there are many dogs here too.)

The refuge is run by La Société Protectrice des Animaux (or S.P.A. for short) and a group of expats
and French nationals have formed Cat Rescue Carcassonne in order to raise funds for the cats brought into the shelter.

Maybe you have a local refuge where you could go and spend time with the animals there while they wait for a permanent home. We all know stroking cats is good for your heart!

catrescuecarcassonneblog (2)

Some are scared….

catrescuecarcassonneblog (1)

Some are terrified…..

catrescuecarcassonneblog (4)

Some are depressed……..

catrescuecarcassonneblog (16)

Some are suspicious…..

catrescuecarcassonneblog (10)

Some can break your heart.


The shelter is close to the beautiful medieval city of Carcassonne which is a tourist attraction all year round but Spring and Summer bring an excess of kittens due to the reluctance or inability of cat owners to sterilize their cats. At least the ones brought to this refuge are identified, wormed, treated for fleas, tested for disease and, if old enough, sterilized before being rehomed but the vast majority are left to fend for themselves and if they don’t get killed on the roads or felled by illness will continue the cycle of reproduction.

We have a Facebook page where you can follow our efforts and see lots of lovely photos of cats and kittens I have also started to blog about the group here

catrescuecarcassonneblog (12)

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33 thoughts on “Guest Post: Cat Cuddling in Carcassonne

  1. crystaleagle24 says:

    Lovely that there are people who’ll take in strays and dumped cats, and see they’re fed and treated if necessary.

  2. janetweightreed10 says:

    I love Carcassonne – I spend quite a lot of time in the area….and next tim I come I will be sure to visit the animal shelter. I love cats, and particularly enjoyed this post. Janet:)

  3. grannyK says:

    We have a feral colony near our house and on any given morning, we find 4+ on our porch seeking food/shelter. Most are so wild and hiss at us and scatter. I even had one that would not leave and attacked me. Two of them have decided they will not leave and I am trying to get them a home, but no luck. I do NOT want to take them to the shelter as they will only put them down if they are wild. My landlord is not happy about all the cats. It breaks my heart!

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