Worldwide Giveaway: Cat Christmas Cards & International Cat Care Conference

Hi everyone,

In October we  we went to another great conference of International Cat Care. At the show we picked up some purrfect Christmas cards for you all but before we get into the details on this giveaway let’s have a look at the conference itself!

The charity discussed some very important topics at the show! Below you can find a summary of these topics, we will make sure to post about some of these in more detail over the next few weeks. If in the meantime you’d like to check out some of their advice you can find these here.


  • Cats and babies – how cats are affected by a new baby, how to keep both the cat and baby safe and how to smooth the transition from a baby-free home to one which, if only for the first year or so, will be focused seriously on the baby.
  • Obesity – looking at obesity from a behavioural perspective, providing us with some interesting insights into not just our cats, but into our own contributing behaviours.


  • Cat friendly handling – top tips for feline friendly handling. These tips are ideal for practises who wish to become more cat friendly but the principles can be used wherever cats are handled.


  • ‘Tom and Jerry syndrome’ – a look at a brand new syndrome recognised in cats called FARS (feline audiogenic reflex seizures) or ‘Tom and Jerry syndrome’.
  • Hypertension in cats – just like humans, cats can suffer from high blood pressure. Learn more about this condition, the health consequences of leaving it untreated and how to best manage stress in order to gain a true blood pressure measurement.
  • Improving the welfare of confined cats – find out about the ideas behind, the aims of and the results so far of a new traffic light system, which has been developed to help homing organisations assess the health and wellbeing of confined cats.

In addition to covering all these great topics it was also the purrfect opportunity to pick up some cat related goodies from the charity!


They had plenty of greeting and christmas cards available. The later being part of our giveaway! 🙂


See the two cute kittens? We will be coming back to “them” later. 😉


Of course the Bluffer’s Guide to cats was available again as well!

The next thing up was a Raffle!

There were many fabulous prizes such as a set of icatcare goodies or the framed picture of one of the calendar entries!


Remember how we said we were coming back to these two kitties? We ended up winning this one in the Raffle! It’s gone up on our living room wall. 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The conference was well attended (Since we were quite busy listening to all of the topics and taking notes we didn’t get quite as many photos as we usually do hehe.)

Now on to our Giveaway!

One lucky reader can win a set of 10 cards – 2 of each design!


To win the first set of cards please complete any of the following actions through our giveaway tool here to gain chances at winning:

1. For Tweeting about the event through the GiveawayTool – 4 Chances
2. Sign up for our new newsletter via mail chimp for extra chances. (Bonus chances even if you don’t use Social Media!!!) – 5 Chances
3. Follow us or International Cat Care on Twitter – 2 Chances
4. Follow us or International Cat Care  on Pinterest – 1 Chance
5. Follow us on Bloglovin – 2 Chances
6. Make a comment stating you would like to enter (for those that don’t use social media) – 2 Chances

Worldwide entries are welcome so don’t forget to enter here. Good luck everyone.

Fancy getting a set of cards now? They are available on the iCatCare Online Shop. 🙂

Oh and please do sign up to our Newsletter.



About International Cat Care:
International Cat Care
International Cat Care works to create a world in which ‘all cats, owned and unowned, are treated with care, compassion and understanding’ International Cat Care is a charity with the vision of a world where all cats, owned and unowned, are treated with care, compassion, and understanding. We work closely with the veterinary profession through our veterinary division, the International Society of Feline Medicine. All our work is reliant on donations and legacies.

Founded in 1958, we are a respected authority on feline health and best practice, working with owners, vets and other professionals around the world.
Registered Charity – 1117342


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21 thoughts on “Worldwide Giveaway: Cat Christmas Cards & International Cat Care Conference

  1. mvaden1948 says:

    Since the contest is open worldwide Diavolo and I would like to enter. We tried the “tool” but since we already subscribe to the newsletter and follow your blog (and follow on Google+) and don’t have Facebook, twitter etc please consider this our entry.
    Keeping fingers and paws crossed.
    Michelle and Diavolo

  2. The Canadian Cats says:

    We are interested in entering. It sounds like a great conference and would like to know more. Can I cheat? No, then we probably won’t win mom….so prepare yourself. No crying over this one! MOL


    • Marc-André says:

      Good luck 😀 and of course! I’ll be putting up more details soon. In the meantime if you’d like to talk to someone from icatcare I can send you her email address. They are an awesome charity 😀

  3. Rachel Ann says:

    Cool and helpful information! I liked reading the list at the beginning. I feel like I learned a lot about cats by reading Jackson Galaxy’s autobiography of sorts a couple of years ago. This helped my husband and I really understand our kitty. 🙂

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