Tips & Advice: Top Firework Safety Tips for Pet Owners

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Today we have some top tips for you around fireworks. The article was kindly provided to us by Galactic Fireworks. And with bonfire just around the corner we thought it’s a good time for us to post about it!

Concern for the welfare of your pets is natural, but it shouldn’t stop you enjoying celebratory events involving fireworks. By following these simple pieces of advice, you can ensure that you do your utmost to make the experience as comfortable for them as you’re able to.


General Tips

  • Fireworks can be a source of fear to many animals. It’s important to understand their needs and cater to them as much as you’re able to.
  • The Blue Cross charity advises that pet owners should seek veterinary advice up to 12 weeks prior to notable dates of celebration involving fireworks.
  • They also suggest that behavioural advice to help your pet deal with fireworks should be sought out up to 6 months prior to the event in question.
  •  Your vet can also discuss treatment methods such as pheromone diffusers with you. These emit calming chemicals and can be combined with behavioural therapy.
  • New Year’s Eve and 5th November are of course the key dates for fireworks in the UK, so plan around these accordingly with regards to the welfare of your pets.
  • If you’ve released any fireworks in your garden, make sure to do a sweep of it afterwards to make sure it’s safe for your pets.


Cats and Dogs

  • It’s essential to keep your pets in a secure environment, so that they can’t escape if they’re startled by a sudden noise.
  • According to the RSPCA, if your pet is scared you shouldn’t punish or fuss over it. Either could worsen the problem.
  • Although it may seem like the best thing to do, don’t cuddle or comfort distressed cats and dogs, as this may compound any worries that they are feeling.
  • Don’t stop your dog or cat whining or meowing respectively if they start.
  • It’s important to give your cat or dog somewhere to hide. If that place is under some furniture for example, make sure that they are able to get to the space at all times.
  • It’s always worth having your pet microchipped in case they escape during occasions involving fireworks.
  • Putting the TV or some music on can be a great way to mask the noise of fireworks. You should also close any curtains and windows.
  • Don’t display anger towards your dog or cat if you’ve chosen to leave the house and they’ve made a mess – they will have been frightened and getting cross with them can make things worse.


Just Cats

  • Don’t try and coax your cat out of any safe space as this is likely to make them more distressed.
  • Close cat-flaps so that they cannot exit the house if they become distressed.

Colorful fireworks

Hopefully you’ll get to to enjoy a beautiful firework display such as the above while your cat is relaxing on the sofa. 🙂

For tips on other animals please see their full article here.

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18 thoughts on “Tips & Advice: Top Firework Safety Tips for Pet Owners

  1. emilyfowlerwrites says:

    A great and timely reminder about microchipping! Unfortunately we can’t always rely on fireworks only being let off on certain dates (doesn’t it seem to start earlier every year?), and if a cat gets scared and runs off it could end up far away from home. If it isn’t microchipped it might never be reunited with its family 🙁

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