Cat in the Hat with Angel’s Eyes

Hello friends,

I want to share with you of how to put your hat on your head without help from your mom or dad.. Purr… I do love to wear hats I just need to find some that is in my size.


This how I start getting the hat in position to get my head since I don’t have thumbs. I put it on the floor and get it lay flat with the opening on the floor.


Your hat should look like this,,,
Now get behind your hat by laying down on the floor…


This is going to be the tricky part is to use your nose to tip the hat up over your head. You might have to try a few times to get it positioned right to slide it on top of your head. Have some patients and scoot your body toward your hat..


When you get the hat on your head when you are laying on the floor then in a fast motion you pop up then just stand up you should be able to finish positioning your hat to balance on your head. I just wish I had ear holes in this one.
Just one tip for you,,, Have patients and have fun with it… Purr…..


Angel’s Eyes

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29 thoughts on “Cat in the Hat with Angel’s Eyes

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  2. Susan Frudd says:

    That’s certainly one determined kitty, hats off to Angel eyes…Ha’s are so clever at everything…love them all…………

  3. sarledge1Sharon says:

    Now you’ve done it, Angel! Big Duff wants a hat now! Unfortunately, being the stud that he thinks that he is….he’ll be wearing his hat side ways…..which will look funky with his pants hanging down around his knees (as if he had knees!). Love you Little Girl!

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