P.L.A.Y. – Pet Lifestyle And You, Inc. Review with Angel’s Eyes

Hello again my friends,

I have a new product that is just Pawsome that I want to share with you by P.L.A.Y. It means Pet Lifestyle And You. The cat product is a plush tunnel, but they have something for dogs and cats.


It comes like this, but don’t worry it’s a collapsible tunnel with a toggle to hold together. It also has a plush interior, whimsical peep hole for spying on humans and interactive mouse that hangs from it that has a hidden pouch of catnip. purr….

tunnel 3

What surprised me of this beautiful tunnel was that in the lining of the plush interior is a crinkle paper that makes this pawsome sound when you play in it. Purr….

tunnel 4

Mom took my tunnel outside on the sidewalk to play too for some extra fun.

tunnel 5

But I guarded it with my life so no one will steal it from me..

I’ll show you how I ran through the tunnel..
On your mark,,,
get set,,,




Here’s the mouse that I told you about with the catnip pouch in it that you can’t see.. Purr…Purr…As you can tell it’s one of my favorite things besides how soft it is….Purr..

peek a boo

If you like playing Peek a boo then there is a peek hole for you to watch your humans when you are inside of the tunnel or getting ready for a sneak attack on your favorite toy..


Oops!! You weren’t suppose to see this picture… But I can say I’m having so much fun I didn’t even know mom took this one… Ha, Ha!

Now that I showed you the tunnel and all the great features, What do you think? I know I sure love the tunnel and I bet you will too..
Here is the link you can click on to find it at but they also have dog products too. The tunnel is in the cat collections.

Website : http://www.petplay.com/about-us/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/PetLifestyleAndYou
Twitter : https://twitter.com/petplaysf
Pinterest : https://www.pinterest.com/petplay/
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/user/PetPlaySF1

See you here again soon and don’t forget to visit my own page and our Katzenworld Page on Facebook! 😀



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28 thoughts on “P.L.A.Y. – Pet Lifestyle And You, Inc. Review with Angel’s Eyes

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  2. sarledge1 says:

    Love it! Really like that it’s stuffed with crinkly stuff. My Big Duff and Little Lil are really drawn to that sound. I’ll probably be ordering one for the kids. Good sales job, Angel…..you are a natural sales person / model! (You could sell screen doors for submarines!)

  3. greg1948 says:

    I like the cat view of the tunnel. I got an old LED lighted crinkle-type tunnel that gets some use if I move it around. I have never seen a padded tunnel before–guess I have now!

  4. Gussy says:

    Great pitch Angel! Well done! The tunnel looks pawsome, we have a different one, it izz so much fun to play zoomies in together! Gussy

  5. Denise Sanders says:

    What an awesome tunnel this looks! My Bluebell has just discovered what fun tunnels are! Good Job Angel! Xxxxxx

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