Oliver: Privacy please!!!

What were did you all come from! :O

Didn’t I tell my human NOT to publicise these photos…



*Angry tail flap* I demand loads of fish and gold coated mices as compensation for violating my privacy!!! 😉

And of course signing up to our Newsletter haha. 😀

Signed by

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief

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53 thoughts on “Oliver: Privacy please!!!

  1. Dear Oliver, you would insist on bathing right there where anyone with a passing camera can see you. What do you expect?
    It could be worse. For us humans when we start that thing we call “dating” our mothers insist on showing our baby pictures (usually naked in the bath) to our prospective boyfriend/girlfriend and they think it is really funny. At least you have your fur coat on.

  2. Oh Oliver. The feline who owns me just spent a good five minutes taking my picture with her butt. As soon as she left, I open your blog to see you also take my picture. I feel like I am surrounded by pappurrrrrazzi !!

  3. Oliver, when did YOU become a drama queen? YOUR human is CONSTANTLY posting photos of you and Nubia. You did not know that? I thought you know EVERYTHING! Stop pretending to be shy. There is nothing we have not seen 1000 times before. Yes, Oliver, you are very CUTE!

      1. Oh my kats, yes! The humans have tons of pictures of the little creatures playing in the bathtub with their bubbly beards – I’ll never understand those morons! *(shakes head )*

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