Mews: How your cat judges you! *Video*

Hi everyone,

Here is yet another funny cat video of our friends at BuzzFeed

Which one of the “judgments” was your favourite? 🙂

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31 thoughts on “Mews: How your cat judges you! *Video*

  1. donniesapphy says:

    Hahaha! The 5AM cat is definitely my Jason. Like clockwork, he wakes me up at 5AM and will tap, bump and completely meow at me until I wake up! Loved this <3

  2. The Canadian Cats says:

    hahaha..I can just picture my two sitting meowing about the dry food as Kali needs the dry…its hypoallergenic. Shoko must eat it to as its not fair to give one delish food and the other tasteless food..they both have the tasteless food! I’m really popular.


  3. crystaleagle24 says:

    Can relate to all of them except the dead bird. Kara always brought here’s home alive, and MM was a mouser, and she brought them home alive! Got quite good at sparrow catching and then mouse catching. Always had the mouse catching kit (glass bowl, thin plastic mat, thicker stiff mat) to hand in the summer, when MM would bring home her ‘pets’ through open windows. Some evenings several would be brought home, or it could have been the same one again and again.

  4. lawjic says:

    Can RELATE well to ALL of the cats’ judgments. Ms. Cali FORCED me to get up at 2-3 AM daily as she started HOWLING so LOUDLY at age 15. So for 5 years, I am up 7 days a week to “take care of the cat”…which involves sweeping litter, giving her new food and water, brushing her, just hanging out with her and pretty much “paying attention” to her.

    She was NOT HAPPY until I got up and GOING. So, though she is now dead and gone as of May 20th (PLUS the fact that MOM died suddenly from a stroke), I am lucky if I sleep until 1 AM….These days, I am grieving SO MUCH, I am up all night and so EXHAUSTED all day, but cannot nap as the HEAT is intolerable.

    I miss Ms. Cali; I miss Mom and it just does not get better. But, Cali and Tigger, did ALL those things when they were both inside/outside cats (until Tigger was eaten by a coyote–and poor Ms. Cali became SOLELY and indoor cat as will all future cats). Back then when they were HUNTING, I had to get a LARGE Ziplock bag and collect dead birds, mice, lizards, bunnies, snakes and even a squirrel. Cali ate hummingbirds whole. She would leap in the air 6 feet and just swallow the whole bird…..Tigger tried to take credit for the kills, but Ms. Cali was the fast and smart one; Tigger was larger (very cute, but not fast and not too bright and he did NOT get away from the coyote pack and Ms. Cali was airborne and escaped).

    So, I had Tigger only for two years and Ms. Cali for just over 19. WOW I MISS HER.

    But, yet, the buzzfeed video is TRUE and easy to relate to. 5 AM is now like the MIDDLE of my day now….Ms. Cali howled more and louder as she aged. So I just got up. I didn’t have a choice.

  5. elizabetcetera says:

    Oh, the petting criticism … spot on fur sure! The end of that video had me seriously howling with laughter. It’s worth watching simply for that ending! Luckily, my guys aren’t such @ssholes as that cat!

    Thanks for sharing the video! 🙂

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