Guest star: Gussy the 3rd

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post introduces Gussy the 3rd to you. Please find his post below.

Hi izz Gussy here. 

I am an exotic shorthair cat with a pretty privileged lifestyle. Just over a year ago izz came to life with my fur sister Nina and my doggy schnauzer sister Roxy. We live in sunny hot subtropical Queensland Australia. 


Izz was born in November 2013, my fur dad is a prizewinning smexy, poofy faced Exotic and mum a Persian. My now hooman mum saw my baby photo online and fell in love with me. Usually she adopts rescue cats but I was irresistible.  The rest is history. So izz cam to live with them but unfortunately this did not go so well at first. Nina was not impressed, she hated me as she was used to being an only cat. My only hope was to bond with mum and Roxy and hey izz thought my cuteness would eventually win her over. This took a month! MOL!

gussy 1

As for my daily life, well izz am pretty busy with my job, yes an actual job at my dad’s business. It started off as a role of customer service but on my first birthday izz got promoted to security officer. Really important! 


After work izz love to play zoomies with Nina, play backgammon with my mum and chat to all my friends on Facebook.


Yes izz have my own Facebook page So please come and visit me, would love to chat to you. You will also meet some of my dear friends who you might have already met here at Katzenworld.  

Smooches and purrs from Gussy


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41 thoughts on “Guest star: Gussy the 3rd

  1. transforminglifenow says:

    I’m so glad that you have a security job. There is no place that can possibly be secure without a cat! I think you’re the cutest, but I’ve always loved a man in a uniform! MOL 🙂

  2. Nancy Dungan says:

    We just adore Gussy! He’s one of or favorite cat pages on Facebook!! His sister Nina is a beauty and his precious doggy senior sister Roxy from another mother is a love! Their human mum brings their daily adventures with charm and beautiful pictures and makes us all want to fly down under to their land of magical enchantment!?

  3. lawjic says:

    Very UNUSUAL and highly CONFIDANT CAT. He has got CAT CLASS AND CAT STYLE AND BOY DOES HE EVER KNOW It. Its called Cattitude for certain. Thanks for sharing this lovely and special animal. Much appreciated!

  4. RMW says:

    I always wondered why people employed dogs for security jobs and not cats… maybe after seeing this post more felines will fill those jobs… and do it better!

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