Oliver: Best use for freshly washed clothes?

Of course as resting place to sleep on it!

Rolling around on it and spreading my hair all over it is part of this very important process of breaking in the freshly washed clothes!


Oops I have been spotted!!! But surely I am allowed to do this? <3

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Signed by

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief

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95 thoughts on “Oliver: Best use for freshly washed clothes?

  1. Yes, the aroma of freshly washed clothes, perhaps, is what makes Oliver do it, and from the looks of it, he seems to be enjoying it to the point of going into a deep slumber – call it a furry-purry catnap!

          1. Yes, you never know with these moody pets, and, of course, he can’t be blamed if he wields those sharp claws in protest against ruining his precious catnap! ;))

          2. Haha! He also picks stuff up with those claws. He has figured out that Keyrings hang on them perfectly if he turns his paw the right way 🙂

          3. Big or small, balls are balls, and the fact that he’s able to fetch them is in itself commendable and worthy of a medal or perhaps a well fried fish! :))

          4. Haha – never thought about that part 😀 it probably all leads back to unknown ancestors. Our vet thinks he may be part Scottish fold and they are more dog like in behaviour apparently.

          5. Hmm, Scottish, well that explains it, and by the way does he fancy kilts? May be, you should get one made for him – at least for a photograph! 😉

  2. Cats LOVE fresh laundry, folded or not. They WILL lay on it or IN the laundry basket on TOP of it. If you want it kept nice, you need to FOLD IT immediately when it comes out of the dryer. The cats will still lay on PILES of FOLDED, FRESH laundry. They like the smell, especially if you use a fabric softener or a sheet with a fabric softener. Ms. Cali LOVES FRESH LAUNDRY, especially when I wash all her beds and blankets. That is one sure way to GUARANTEE much PURRING!

      1. My PURRsonal favorite is waiting till the human brings fresh sheets from the dryer to put on the bed, and I pounce on them as soon as they’re on (PURReferably with some cat litter stuck on my paws and in my tail)! FUN! The human loves it when I do that – she’s always SPEECHLESS with joy!😺

  3. As a massage therapist washing 4-5 set of sheets a day… with seven cats… this is something I have to be vigilant about! Some clients have allergies 🙁

    But they can sleep in my bed sheets

        1. I know what you mean. We wanted one. And when it was like well… He is lonely! Look adorable three legged cat at charity! She is black too! Will be so hard to find a home. And quickly there were two 🙂 luckily they get along well haha!

  4. How did you know I love cats? We have a white cat that is too pathetic to tell you about. But he is well loved. Thank you for reading and following my blog. God bless us.

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