Mews: Things that cats do that would be creepy if you did them! *Video*

Hi everyone,

Here is the second video in the series of things that cats do that would be weird if we did them. First one can be found here.

Hope this video gave you a good laugh! 🙂

And what was your favourite part?

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39 thoughts on “Mews: Things that cats do that would be creepy if you did them! *Video*

  1. Amy O says:

    So spot on!! One of my cats is obsessed with bags/boxes/baskets – my other cat is very dominant and will literally sit on my keyboard until I pay attention to him!!

  2. lawjic says:

    You can never go wrong with how HILARIOUS it is watching grown humans pretend they are cats. They can’t pull it off, which is the whole reason its so funny! Great post, Marc. Thanks for sharing!

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