Guest Star: Romero

Hi, everyone!

I’m Romero, named after movie director George Romero.


In December, my life was miserable. My owners left me behind when they moved abroad, I slept on the streets, and had developed a painful otitis. I was cold, lonely, and in a lot of pain.

romero resting

Luckily, the Belgian shelter Cat Rescue decided to give me a temporary haven and nurse me back to health in the hopes that someone would adopt me one day. However, after one month, no one had even inquired about me. I didn’t get it. I’m a handsome man cat. Don’t you agree?  I may look a little fat around the ears, but I can assure you it’s all muscle. If you’d be lucky enough to rub my belly, you’d know what I mean. I have this heart-shaped spot on my thigh which proves that I’m capable of a lot of love.


So, yeah, there I was, abandoned and convinced that I’d never be loved again.

But one evening, Stephanie from Cat Rescue told me that a girl named Vanessa wanted to meet me. Apparently, she’d fallen head over heels with my picture.

Two days later, on December 22nd, Vanessa visited me at the shelter. Half an hour later she decided to take me home. She told me that she would be my little slave and that she’d do anything to make me happy. I’m still a little shy and careful, but I think I’m slowly starting to believe her.

romero sleeping

Now I’m sleeping next to her while she works on her blog Traveling Cats (, and I supervise the whole thing. Life is finally as it should be.

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56 thoughts on “Guest Star: Romero

          1. No need to, all I need to know about the book (low quality writing, page fillers of sex and no real story behind) I have from the Guardian and its readers.

  1. Bootifullest Romero,

    Owners who has left you must be in prison or getting huge money fine! We knows how it like to be dumped. We was dumped in glass bin!

    We is now your elected Purrime Ministrettes of Planet Purrth and we serves all anipals except snakies. You coming to PM office? All Sundays, staff serves great white shark.


  2. Romero, we think YOU ARE GORGEOUS and regal!! We think you are a very SPECIAL kitty too! Thanks to your human you own for sharing you with the world!!

  3. It takes a cold heart to abandon a pet to the wild. I am so glad Romero found his forever home and is safe, warm, full and happy. It makes me wish I was able to rescue more cats.

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