Product Review: Petface toys – Duckling toy (Includes Video!)

Hi everyone,

Today we are looking at a fun range of cute cat toys that were kindly provided to us by the Wholesaler Petface.

They have a collection of different cute toys and Snacks available.

Today we are looking at the little plus toys and snacks! 🙂


As you can see Nubia wanted to take her little duckling friend away even before we managed to unpack it!


Once unpacked she went straight in to throw it in the air and attempt to EAT it! LOL


Yes Cat slobber was all over it after this session…

Oh and here is also a little video of the toy in action:

Lastly we also received 2 packs of snacks:


We really liked the packaging of these and the fact that they are free from wheat and soya. 🙂 And of course our two picky cats approved of them as well!

Overall verdict:

If you are in the UK and your local store stocks their ranges you should go ahead and give them a try. We were very pleased with the toys and in fact Nubia has hidden the duckling so well (Obviously wanting to keep it away from her brother) that we need to go and get a new one now haha.

To find out more about Petfaces check out their Social channels!



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20 thoughts on “Product Review: Petface toys – Duckling toy (Includes Video!)

  1. Thanks for good review Marc 😉 And I’m happy to see the material.
    Could it be an idea for you to write about avoiding toys with fur? These are produced in a horrible way, but still many buy them.

    1. Oh! Have you got available research on this? I have to admit that I haven’t looked into those so far. None of my toys has real fur – only fake. Happy to feature an article by you if you would like to write something? 🙂

      1. That is great! I just checked on their online find us and it was only bringing up garden centres, I will keep a look out in sainsburys. I like to try Molly with me products to see if they are any things that she will love <3

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