Mews: Things You Can’t Do When You’re Not A Cat *Video*

Hi guys,

This is one of these bizarre, yet funny and just just LOL videos that we found on the wonderful world of YouTube.

So what was your favorite part of the video? 😉



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78 thoughts on “Mews: Things You Can’t Do When You’re Not A Cat *Video*

  1. loobyloucreations says:

    Lol I think my favourites are the paper bag part and the fact that cats are stubborn and will not sit with you when you would like them too and yes when they do want to and you stroke them they run away!!!

  2. mvaden1948 says:

    He did a pretty good job of imitating a cat but the laser light takes the cake.
    Diavolo does exactly what his predecessor Lili did….sits and stares at me until I get it out in the evening and then he chases that little red dot all over the place….I don’t think I see him move as fast at other times.

  3. Linda Szymoniak says:

    For my favorite part of this it’s between two things. Chasing the laser light and when he has his head in the grocery bag. Our cats do ALL these things, though, so I was laughing the entire time.

  4. Hangaku Gozen says:

    I was thinking, ‘Tyler reminds me of my son.’ My kid (who’s 25 now) wouldn’t chase a laser dot or play with a napkin on the table, but when he was little he would walk along the fireplace mantle, run across my bed at night, turn on the faucet and run away, and sometimes lick himself when I told him to wash his face. Interestingly, our cats were scared of him….

  5. lawjic says:

    TYLER IS HILARIOUS! What a way to get locked up forever in a mental hospital: Pretend to BE a cat when you are not! This was the funniest! Thanks you!

  6. Holly'sMom says:

    Definitely showing this to my daughters! If you ask me that human did cats a bit too well. LOL I have a mantle covered with photos. Our youngest cat, Teeger, likes to pretend she’s a horse and use the frames as a jump course. Sigh………..Had to laugh at the scene where he was licking himself only because when it showed I was currently licking Cheez-it crackers salt off my hand! Really great!

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