Oliver: How may I help you?

Hi there!

So you have come to visit me have you?

Oliver on scratch tree

So what would you like me to assist you with today? Hunt mice? Catch a fish?

Signed by

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief

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55 thoughts on “Oliver: How may I help you?

  1. lawjic says:

    Oliver has that really “intense” cat look. I love when they get that way.

    When I hired a pet photographer to shoot Ms. Cali, it took over 400 shots for her to get some of the less intense and SOFTER sides of Cali.

    Oliver is just GORGEOUS, albeit quite “intense” in the photo. Great post. Thanks for sharing!! =^..^=

  2. loobyloucreations says:

    Oh hunting, just make sure you do not bring back silly things like a cat I was once owned by she would bring back socks, sandwiches, washing tablet bags, crisp packets! I guess really it is lucky she did not bring back little animals.
    My mums cats bring back mice and keep them alive to play with inside so we all scream!!!

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