Guest Star: Silvertje “Felis Lamia”

Silvertje Vampire catHello, I want to introduce you to my nephew ‘Silvertje’ because he will shows up in my future posts. He comes from the planet “Terra Lamia”.  It’s a planet where vampire cats live. He uses his fangs to bite humans. Fortunate you don’t turn into a “blood sucking vampire” the only symptoms you can have after a bite is you are craving for milk, lots of milk! I don’t know if that’s bad or good, that is up to you to decide.

Photo1229He is addicted to catnip. I know his mom and dad should have talked about catnip to him when he was young. Unfortunate his parents where also catnip addicts. We send him to Catnip Anonymous but he was kicked out.
Strangely enough when he is catnip high his legs are getting liquid which make him really look silly .


Shy boyA few years ago I took him away from his parents because  I knew that there is good in him. I made him my traveling companion.

I  found him a new mom. He lives now with my moms mom. He loves his mom. He even buys her flowers for Valentine. Isn’t that sweet? Look how shy Silvertje  is when he is doing something good.


Katopolia master


We discovered that he is a real good bookkeeper.
Everything concerning money goes through him. He keeps the budget in control. Silvertje decides what we spend on food, grooming, toys and catnip that last budget has never been so high. As long as he shares his nip with me I’m fine with it.

And don’ t you dare to tell it to my mom  but I love catnip. (I have it under control, I really do)

silvertje nipLook another photo where he is on the nip. He is really funny when he is ‘high’ on the catnip. I think that is enough for one article, I don’t want to overdose you or your feline friends with cats on nip.

I promise you I will tell you later more about Silvertje but if you can’t get enough of him then I urge you to visit his Facebook page.


Next time I will introduce you to my sister “Amy Pond”.  Now that is an other kind of trouble!

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31 thoughts on “Guest Star: Silvertje “Felis Lamia”

  1. franhunne4u says:

    Biting is not encouraged in casa Hunne. Unless it is into their catgrass-blades. And catnip is mostly ignored – my two are valerian addicts – only the hard stuff here.

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