Tips & Advice: A Visual Guide to Keeping Your Cat Safe

Hi everyone,

Please find below a usual infographic on signs of poisining and how to keep your cat safe from household harms. The infographic has been created by our friends at CATS Protection!

Cat poisoning symptoms infographic

Infographic credit

Spot On dog flea treatments: Never use a dog treatment on a cat as it may contain chemicals that are lethal too cats. Always purchase the cat version

Human medicines: What seems like a common day medicine to us may be dangerous to your pet!

Antifreeze: Antifreeze can lead to kidney failure and death.

Household chemicals: Many household chemicals are poisonous to cats and other pets and should be kept out of their reach.

Lilies: There is a number of plants that are toxic to cats but Lillies are especially bad. A friend of mine didn’t know about this and her cat almost died from just brushing against the flowers. 🙁 You can see a full list of plants that are dangerous to cats on International Cat Care’s website.

Human foods: Certain foods are poisonous to cats for example onions!

For more details and useful tips around this also check out their original post here.



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33 thoughts on “Tips & Advice: A Visual Guide to Keeping Your Cat Safe

  1. samzjewelz says:

    Its amazing how many everyday and natural things (plants) aren’t good for cats. Do you think it can be slightly different for strays (building up a tolerance)?? As they must come across all sorts….especially if going in bins as I have seen some strays do – I didn’t know about onions either :-0

  2. Kasia Paintspets (@KasiaPaintsPets) says:

    I love the infograph, very stylish AND informative, however the lack of punctuation made me go back and reread what it is that you’re keeping cats safe from. ”..and how to keep your cat safe from our friends at CATS Protection!” or rather: ”…and how to keep your cat safe; from our friends at CATS Protection!” Cheers!

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    • Marc-André says:

      I would recommend to get pet safe anti bacterial wipes / lotion from a pet shop or vet. My vet advised me once that human once such as savlon can cause more harm than good as the cat may indegest it when cleaning themselves. To be on the safe side check with your own vet tho as i know how much opinions can vary!!!

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