Guest Star: Kersmudgen also known as Smudge & Max aka Maximus!

Hi everyone,

Todays story comes from Ann:

A few  months ago I lost a very dear member of our family Angel she was a beautiful little soul who was adopted by my husband and I when she was already a senior cat. Sadly she left us the begining of October.

Not long after that My husband came home with a little runt from a litter that the cat where he worked had had in July.


She was the runt and she was my first little black kitty,I was smitten.We named her Kersmudgen and Smudge became  a household word.

Then the organization  (Carma) who was taking care of this particular litter’s neutering and spaying contacted me so that I could get her spayed as soon as she was ready called,I decided to try to help get another kitten forever homed.


I took a friend to see the litters and caught sight of Max, who was Smudge’s brother we adopted him as well.

Soon after Max came to live with us Smudge got a high fever and the diagnosis was FIPS, we had to help her to leave us rather than see her suffer.

As the days passed and I was able to watch Max, I began to discover how unique he is. At first I thought it was because we hadn’t had a kitten for some years and that I had just forgotten how kittens behaved.


More and more, I was seeing unique traits that I kept exclaiming about. I would say to my husband how unusual he was and how much more cuddely he was and so ready to jump up into my lap and throw himself down on my chest to be loved. My experience with cats has always been favorable ,but I feel that with Max our first little black cat, there is something special,it seems to me and (no I’m no expert) from what I’ve been hearing from friends that black cats have  indeed special and unique traits.

I wondered would it be all that unusual if they were truly a breed unto themselves? Not so unusual to me.  I’ve always loved my cats ,be they tabby, tonk, barn cat or any of the many other breeds, homes with cats are happier and share more joy when they can boast about their cats. Tell tales or simply compare abilities, and laugh with wonder at the exploits of our family cats.


Nothing can take the place of those special feelings or memories.  Always slightly tinged with sadness, that they have left us, but left us richer, more fulfulling lives because of thier presence in our lives.  I’m so glad that we adopted Max, oh and his full name is Maximus.

Thanks for reading the story of Ann and her cats. We hope you enjoyed it and are looking forward to more fun stories here @Katzenworld



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12 thoughts on “Guest Star: Kersmudgen also known as Smudge & Max aka Maximus!

  1. lawjic says:

    I too loved the story and think that cat is going to be quite a fun handful!! Best wishes, to Max. RIP to your beloved kitty who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. When you put your heart on the line and adopt a senior cat, you show more character than most people have in a life time. Quite a beautiful story!

  2. Kev says:

    Love the little runt lol. Cats always leave a hole in the place they were held most dear. Pat and I have lost a couple we shall never forget and are always fondly reminded of. Right now we have our two two (little boys) to keep us company and run the house. 🙂

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