Oliver: What shop are we going to?


Where are we going to? IKEA? What’s that? Can I get cat treats there?!? 😀

Signed by

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief

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16 thoughts on “Oliver: What shop are we going to?

  1. Mom loves to go the IKEA, she always brings those green worms with her, we like to play with them. Unfortunate the green worms aren’t available here anymore. The rats are also our favorite. Unfortunate no cat treats, very disappointed in that one <3

  2. Nice photo, no kitty treat at IKEA, but they do have really cool stuffed mice and rats in the kids department. My cats love those.

  3. Several years ago a friend emailed me a link to an Ikea commercial (it was in the UK….didn’t get the same ad here in the US)…it was beautiful dreamy music with cats wandering all around Ikea. It’s had a special place in my heart ever since. There was another video about how they made it. I know it has to be at least three years ago and they were available on YouTube.

  4. Say, Sir Oliver, Your Meowjesty–I bet you could recommend the best mall or supermarket, too. (One time at the Mall when Vinnie was little I took him with me on my backpack. He was staring at the lady at the queue behind me, and busted up in stitches! 😀

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