Product Review: The Catit Food Maze + Video of Oliver & Nubia

Hi everyone,

This time around our kitties reviewed the Catit Food Maze.

It was super easy to assemble – Came in a few pieces that had to be fitted together.

At first both of them were a little bit confused as to what exactly they were meant to do with it but once they got the hang of it they LOVED it!

See below a video of both Oliver and Nubia using the Food Maze at different times of the day. 🙂

So what are the pros and cons of it you wonder? Well let us have a look at what the Food Maze promises and what our own cats thought about it.

  • Stimulates a cat’s playful nature – Yep both Oli and Nubes certainly agree with this. 😀
  • Cat is challenged to move the food through the maze until if falls to the bottom – Yep it took Oliver quite some time to figure out how to get his snack out LOL
  • Offers various levels of difficulty – Nubia found it easy to grab things of the top but certainly not so easy on the lower levels. Especially not if you increase the difficulty by sliding the holes to a smaller setting.
  • Helps cat eat in moderation promoting healthy digestion and avoids upset stomach that occurs when eating quickly – No chance they can scoff it all up in one go. 😉
  • Beats boredom – I would say this will depend on your cat. It certainly worked for both of ours. Also ensure you use snacks your cat likes. When we first tried it we used their normal food and they were like “why would we want to struggle for that???” So make sure you give them something that they love and don’t usually get.

And here a few more photos of the kitties using the Catit Food Maze 🙂


Nubia: How will I get to it! :O


Nubia: Mine!!!!! All mine! harhar


Oliver: *Licks* Come on out of it!!! 🙁


Oliver: Who are you laughing at??? Just watch when I take over the world you…


Oliver: Right so this is how I get it out. 😀

So our over-all verdict? This is a great and not to expensive environment enhancing toy for you and your cats! Just make sure that you put food into the maze that they crave for such as their favorite snack to get their attention! 🙂

Also if you have other Catit toys such as the speed track you can build a complete landscape of Catit themed toys for your cat. ^^

The Catit is available at the following shops:
Amazon UK for a current special offer of £10.90 (RRP £18.79) by clicking here.
Amazon US for a current special offer of $22.44 (RRP $25.99)  by clicking here.
Amazon DE for a current special offer of €11,90 (RRP €24.99)  by clicking here.

Have you got one of these? Why not share your own photos and videos in the comments.

Hope you enjoyed this review and look forward to other fun products!



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18 thoughts on “Product Review: The Catit Food Maze + Video of Oliver & Nubia

  1. Cody-Cat Chat (@CatChatCaren) says:

    we reviewed this a while back on our blog. Have to say your kitties are MUCH more patient than mine. My food-obsessed Cody had no patience…he immediately knocked it OVER to get the treats out that way…….I have to say, it was awfully smart of him. For “normal” cats, this is great 🙂

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