Guest Star: HRH Princess Foo Foo

Hello everyone,

Today’s post is from Patty Ireland the “Humble Palace Assistant and human “mom” to Princess Foo Foo


Greetings from HRH Princess Foo Foo, whose full title, by the way, is Princess Foo Foo Anastasia Isabella Hobnobbery Vainglory the First, supreme monarch of the Kingdom of Purrsia. Her Furriness has overcome great odds to become a world leader, fashion trendsetter and brilliant military strategist. While she lived the life of purebred Purrsian luxury from kittenhood, she was sadly exiled to an animal shelter at the tender age of four. Luckily, the humans at the shelter recognized her royal status and immediately began working to assist Her Purrfectness in re-establishing her kingdom.

She is now enthroned at her summer palace located in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA, where her hobbies include the following: catching fake mice, attacking small insects, playing concertos on the piano in the wee hours, eating tuna/salmon, being groomed, watching “Animal Planet,” admiring her Royal Self in the mirror, kneading, purring, climbing on furniture (well, of course–it’s called FURniture, isn’t it?), ignoring those who wish her to pay attention to them, serving as a fashion icon, and offering wise political commentary. HRH Foo Foo wishes all lowly peasants across the land to know that, despite her royal purebred status, she respects the dignity of all her subjects, lowly and humble though they be! 🙂

A note from Foo Foo’s “mommy”: Thank you for sharing little Foo Foo’s story on your blog! Her original owner, an elderly lady who adopted her from a purebred Persian cattery when she was only 8 weeks old, had to go into assisted living and was forced to give her up. We were SO fortunate to be able to adopt her. She has been with us now for three months and is truly is a little princess.


Patty Ireland
Humble Palace Assistant and human “mom”

To find out more about her please visit her Facebook page by clicking here.

And we hope you all are looking forward to more lovely photos and posts <3  @KatzenworldBlog

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26 thoughts on “Guest Star: HRH Princess Foo Foo

  1. Sheryl A Weinstein says:

    That is a bit too much for me; please don’t dress up the cats. A crown? Seriously? Not for me, but the cat is GORGEOUS!

  2. pilch92 says:

    I am glad she got a good home. It breaks my heart when the elderly have to give up pets. I bet she would love to visit her past owner at the nursing home if it is allowed.

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