Mews: Only house cats like boxes? You are wrong!

Well the below photo is proof that our cats larger relatives too like boxes. 😀


I wonder how far I would get with a feather teaser toy tho… O.O”

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48 thoughts on “Mews: Only house cats like boxes? You are wrong!

  1. mvaden1948 says:

    To paraphrase a certain movie:
    You’re gonna need a bigger box.

    And having seen one of these lovely creatures up close at the local zoo (there was very strong glass between us)….that is some good sized box.

      • floridaborne says:

        I have a box next to my bed that has a mat in it. The pit bull/boxer mix (Errrr Dog) likes to sleep in it.

        It was actually supposed to be a bed that both the cats could sleep in, but Coon Cat prefers to sleep on top of the stove and Other Brother Coon Cat sleeps on 1/2 of my desk. 🙂

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