Oliver: Blasts from the past!

So since I have lived at my human parents for just over a year I thought its time for how I got to meet them!

I was a tiny little kitten of about 7 months and was being looked after by the kind people at Celia Hammond Animal Trust.

When I first saw the humans I knew immediately I wanted to stay wit them! When the lady opened my living space I immediately put my lil paw on the humans.

It worked they chose me and a few weeks later they finally took me home!!!

Gosh was their place big. They even gave me a whole double bed room for myself at first!


I had an amazing view over the whole of Taunton Road including that large Sainsbury’s with all it’s lovely salmon!

I just had to head butt them to show my love.

Soon they realised that I loves to climb! On many for their cupboards I managed to get and some of these random human trinkets may have suffered from my exploration wishes!

So at last they got me this!


A giant cat tree! My dream came true! No longer did I have to throw down their trinkets as I now had my own place to explore.


And of course to nap on… Purrrrr <3

More to follow in due course 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Oliver: Blasts from the past!

  1. everycat says:

    Oliver you certainly landed on all four paws when you selected your humans. You have trained them wel.

    Love the Celia Hammond Trust, they are one of the few cat charities who are true advocates for cats, especially ones with FIV. They also don’t select which cats they take in and help. Oldies, youngsters, special needs all will get good humane and honest help from this charity.

    They aren’t scared to get involved with difficult situations either. It was this organisation that saved the ferals on the 2012 Olympic site. With the help and determination of CH, not one of those cats would have survived.

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  3. Andrea @ From The Sol says:

    Oliver, you are one handsome kitty … and a pretty lucky one at that. Have your people considered getting you a playmate to share your world with … or is sharing something you would want to do? This is adorable and you are blessed with such a kitty …

    Andrea @ From the Sol

    • Marc-André says:

      Hey Andre :). Have a look in the Nubia category. There is another blast from the past called the new cat – Nubia is Oliver’s play friend. Though she sleeps most of the day hence why we are thinking of getting him another friend haha

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