Cat Travel: Purr Cat Cafe Club Bangkok

Today’s main attraction was the Cat Cafe Purr Cat Cafe Club in Bangkok

Just like the cat cafe in HK in my previous post it wasn’t the easiest to find! But well worth the effort to find it.

When you first get into the cat area you will find a staircase that leads to a high ceiling walkway for the kitties:




All of the cats freely move around and were very friendly and of course tried to get into our bags!!!


Of course no cat cafe would be complete without some snacks for us humans. We had a chocolate cake, tiramisu and green tea latte:



In addition to their young adults and older cats they also had some very cute kittens. For their safety these were with their mother in a separate area of the cafe:




Some of the cats were more playful than others, especially when feathers were involved:






Of course grooming is a necessity especially for their longer haired cats:



They had a lot of different breeds there. I especially liked the Main Coon breeds that almost looked like a Lynx:





Medium and long hair cats:









On our way out through the souvenir shop we noticed that this guy sure doesn’t want to let tourists buy his favourite tins of tuna:


If you happen to be in Bangkok don’t miss your chance to visit cafe! You can find them, their cats and friendly staff @ 63 Soi Sukhumvit 53, Sukhumvit Rd., Khlongtunnua, กรุงเทพมหานคร 10110

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38 thoughts on “Cat Travel: Purr Cat Cafe Club Bangkok

  1. All I can say is wow! What an education. I would love to visit but alas I am a kitty. Your pictures were spectacular. Mom needs a mask when she grooms my sister. Thanks for the trip. Why can’t Canada have something like this?

    Hugs, Shoko

  2. HI Marc-Andre
    Thanks for the like of my ‘sleepy time.’ This post of yours is so cute! Oh my gosh–the kittens! I think my favorite is the cat in the slipper with his paw sticking through the open toe. What a riot! Cats are so darn cool.

    1. You are welcome :). And yes I wanted to take those kitten home LOL. The slipper moment was one of those you have to be at the right place at the right moment photos 😉

        1. It is getting more popular in Europe now :). Have a look at our review of the London cat cafe that opened this year. I think that will change the view of cat cafés in Europe and maybe make them as popular here as they are in Asia 😀

          1. Drop them a message on twitter. They are booked out but they do have cancellations that they refill. Plus they reserve 25% of seats for walk-ins 🙂

  3. I wish there were cat cafe’s in the US. I also wish I could take my dog into a grocery store like people do in Europe.

    One of the coon cat had a face like one of my “boys” (2 coon cat brothers). This blog entry was a joy to read. 🙂

  4. Peepers…. Come see this! Look at that cat walkway. It’s like a catwalk in a theater ‘cept it’s really FOR cats. LOVE that! You think we can do somethin’ like that in the livin’ room?

    Nissy #Niss4Senate

  5. If there were one here in the south of France, I would be a regular fixture. However, it would be hard not to smuggle a few out with you… 😉 I understand there is a cafe in NY now. I saw it on Yahoo. It was to be temporary but such a hit, it may be a regular fixture. While I do love all cats, the longhairs are a bit more than the old asthma and allergies will abide. C’est la vie! Fortunately there are plenty that do not have long hair.
    I’m so glad that you stopped by one of my blogs so that I could find you! I have sent out your link to all my feline focused friends. Hey, Feline Focus, that could be a story title/poem title or even a blog? 😉 Léa

  6. My time in Bangkok was all too short and merely a stopover on the way to Vietnam for a month. At the time, there were no direct flights (2002). Sadly, there were very few cats in Vietnam and unfortunately, I know why.

      1. Lovely Country, lovely people but so impoverished… It was the trip of a lifetime.
        I have friends in the UK who keep inviting me over. A Cat Café might just be the reason to leave France, albeit briefly. 😉

          1. Well I do have a friend in London who keeps inviting me. Actually she is here right now. Perhaps the Café could help persuade me…

          2. Alas, the thought of being surrounded by a mass of adorable felines when I am still currently without would be heard to bear… 😉

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