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Can Cats Taste Sweetness? Exploring Cats’ Unique Taste Receptors and Dietary Needs

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RSPCA Young Photographer Awards 2024 People’s Choice Voting Open Now

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Heartwarming Tale of Jordan the Feral Cat: From Stray to Beloved Companion

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Leading cat charity appoints new director

Cats Protection has appointed a new Advocacy and Influence Director as the charity continues to [...]

4cats Premium Cat Wrestler Toy Review by Prince Renegade the Flash

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Abandoned Cat Family Found at Bus Stop: RSPCA Seeks Help

The family of felines were left at a bus stop inside a cat carrier A [...]

Beware of Toxic Lilies: Blue Cross Warns Cat Owners Ahead of Mothering Sunday

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5 flowers that are toxic for cats revealed ahead of Mother’s Day

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Animal Charities and Welfare Groups Express Concerns for Cat Wellbeing in Hollywood Movie ‘Argylle’

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Why Cats Shouldn’t Be Washed Unnecessarily: Animal Charity’s Warning and Tips

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The Importance of Play for Cats: Insights from a Cat Behaviorist

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Mayhew Unveils Oli Juste Wing in North West London

Celebrities and animal welfare supporters gathered at Mayhew to unveil the Oli Juste Wing, made [...]

Understanding Whisker Fatigue in Cats and How to Solve It

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World Hearing Day: Understanding Pet Ear Problems and Deafness

Hearing loss isn't just a human issue. PDSA is raising awareness that pets can also [...]

Charity Urges Breeders to Prioritize Health and Welfare Over Looks or Status for Pedigree Cats

The RSPCA has seen a significant rise in pedigree cats entering rescue centers, attributed to [...]

The Importance of Neutering Cats on World Spay Day 2024: Myth-Busting and Health Benefits Explained

World Spay Day encourages cat owners to neuter their pets to prevent life-threatening illnesses and [...]


Tummy Rub Tuesday Week 482: Share Your Cat’s Photo for a Feature on Katzenworld

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Go.Compare: Animal lovers spend £431.2 million every year cleaning up after their pets

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Volunteer Foster Carers Needed to Help Rescue Cats and Kittens | RSPCA Lancashire East

The RSPCA Lancashire East Branch is searching for dedicated foster carers to provide temporary accommodation [...]

Cats Protection Expresses Concern Over Recent Film ‘Argylle’ Due to Scottish Fold Cat’s Health and Welfare Issues

Cats Protection and other animal organizations express concern over upcoming film Argylle's portrayal of Scottish [...]

The Best Silent and Easy-to-Use Pet Nail Clipper for Stress-Free Grooming

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Battersea and iCatCare Collaborate to Improve Cat Welfare Worldwide

Battersea celebrates its 140th anniversary by collaborating with iCatCare to improve the welfare of cats worldwide [...]

Pet First Aid Course at Lady Dinah’s – February 29, 2024, 6pm-9pm | Improve Your Pet Care Skills

Learn how to administer first aid to your beloved pet or enhance your credentials as [...]