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UK Pet Food Reveals More Men Adopting Adult Cats: New Pet Population Data 2024

New data from UK Pet Food shows more men adopting adult cats, highlighting the value [...]

RSPCA Pet Food Bank Scheme Expands Across England to Help Struggling Pet Owners

The RSPCA's Pet Food Bank scheme, which has provided 1.6 million meals to struggling pet [...]

Top Tips for Pet-Friendly Spring Cleaning – Expert Advice and Hacks

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Essential Cat Grooming Tips for Happy and Healthy Felines

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Blue Cross Urges Veterinary Practices to Address Rising Costs and Offer Transparent Options

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Cat Heaven Island: A Guide to Tashirojima, Japan’s Feline Paradise

Explore Cat Heaven Island, where felines outnumber people 6 to 1. Discover how the residents [...]


The Surprising Tale of Saint Gertrude: From Nobility to Patron Saint of Cats

Discover the mysterious evolution of Saint Gertrude from an Early Middle Ages nun to the [...]

RSPCA Rescues Cat Trapped in Boarded-Up House for Two Weeks

RSPCA rescues cat trapped in boarded-up house for two weeks. Read about Felix's daring rescue [...]


Purr-fectly Fun Facts: Oriental Cats 101 – Discover Their Playful Nature

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The Lincoln Zoo Rebellion: A Fun-Filled Adventure in Animal Rights and Preservation

In the thrilling adventure of The Lincoln Zoo Rebellion, a diverse group fights to save [...]

The Fascinating History of Cats: From Ancient Egypt to Modern Times

Discover the fascinating history of cats, from ancient Egypt to modern times. Explore their roles, [...]


Northumberland teenager crowned winner of RSPCA People’s Choice award

Teenager Sophie Green of Northumberland wins RSPCA People's Choice award with 'Leap Frogs' photo capturing [...]


New UK Law Bans Import of Declawed Cats and Tightens Welfare Rules

Cats Protection celebrates new law banning import of declawed cats & strengthening welfare rules for [...]


Preventing Illness: The Importance of Spaying Female Cats – Olive’s Story

Learn about Olive's life-saving surgery due to a uterus infection in this heartwarming PDSA Vet [...]

PDSA Weekly Pet Care Column: Vet Nurse shares spring safety advice for animal lovers

Springtime has sprung, and with the new time of year comes seasonal dangers. Pet owners [...]


Chocolate Poisoning in Pets: Easter Safety Tips from PDSA Vet Nurse

This Easter, remember to keep chocolate goodies away from your pets! PDSA Vet Nurse Nina [...]

RSPCA Appeals for Help for Abandoned Cat with Eye Injury

RSPCA appeals for help after matted cat with ruptured eye found covered in faeces in [...]


How to Brush Your Cat’s Teeth for Optimal Dental Health

Learn how to brush your cat's teeth for optimal oral health. Daily brushing can prevent [...]

“The Cat Show Live” Unleashes a Feline Fiesta at NEC, Birmingham – Debut Event on Sat 14th Sept 2024

“The Cat Show Live” Unleashes a Feline Fiesta at NEC, Birmingham – Debut Event on [...]


Choosing the Right Pet Sitter: Tips for Finding the Best Care

As the Easter break approaches, finding the right pet sitter is crucial for many pet [...]


Purrfect Paradise: Design Tips for a Stylish & Secure Cat Garden

Designing a cat-friendly garden that is both safe and stylish can be a challenge. Learn [...]

2024 Editorial Call for Cat-Related Stories – Share Your Feline Friend’s Tale!

Do you want to see yourself or your cat in the news? We're looking for [...]


Born Free Research Reveals Alarming Extent of Dangerous Wild Animal Ownership in UK

Born Free exposes the shocking reality of wild animal ownership in Britain, with over 2,700 [...]

Enter Your Cat into the National Cat Awards 2024: Time is Running Out!

Enter your extraordinary cat into the National Cat Awards by Cats Protection before March 26. [...]

Understanding Dental Disease in Cats: Causes, Prevention, and Treatment

Learn more about dental disease in cats, including causes and prevention methods. Discover how plaque [...]

Tummy Rub Tuesday Week 486: Share Your Cat’s Photo for a Chance to Be Featured!

Hello everyone, Welcome to another week of Tummy Rub Tuesday! The easiest way to enter [...]

RSPCA Appeals for Witnesses After Cat Abandoned in Essex Garden

RSPCA seeks witnesses after ginger cat found abandoned in Essex garden. Appeal for information including [...]


Understanding Common Cat Behaviors: Decoding Signals and Joint Health

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Meet Barney: The Incredible Rescue Cat Who Thinks He’s Human

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Magical Silvervine Cat Toys from Japan: Rennie and Freya’s Fun Adventure

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