RSPCA Investigates Shocking Cat Killing in East London: Cat Found Drowned in Pond tied to Brick

Cat tied to brick was drowned in pond

RSPCA investigates ‘hideous’ cat killing in east London

The RSPCA has launched an investigation after the body of a cat was found tied to a brick in a pond in east London.

The RSPCA was alerted to the incident on Monday (4 March) and Inspector Chris McGreal launched an investigation.

The body of the cat – a ginger and white long-haired male – was found by a member of the public in the pond at Eastbrookend Country Park in Romford on Monday morning and taken to a local vet who contacted the RSPCA.

Inspector McGreal said: “The cat was found with a rope around his neck which had been tied to a brick. It would appear that this poor cat was thrown into the pond deliberately and left to drown.

“This is a shocking incident and the poor cat must have suffered hideously.”

The unneutered male cat is less than a year old and vets were able to locate a microchip but it was not registered with any contact details.

Inspector McGreal has made enquiries in the local area and is now appealing to the public to help with the investigation.

He said: “I’d be keen to hear from anyone who may have CCTV in the local area, or anyone who saw anything suspicious near the pond anytime between Sunday and Monday morning, when the body was found.

“Anyone with information should contact our appeal line on 0300 123 8018, quoting incident number 1227177.”

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2 thoughts on “RSPCA Investigates Shocking Cat Killing in East London: Cat Found Drowned in Pond tied to Brick

  1. zahra says:

    i say again, there are films being made out there that promote animals in a false light, (see recent films about animals turning on humans) and there is a lack of compassion with regard to animal care in cities due to people suffering from mental health and physical health due to stresses of life and hunger and other issues. we need to embrace the highest message here, so think about it and see what comes up when you do.

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