NOAH Launches Animal Health Manifesto 2024 for UK General Election

NOAH, the National Office of Animal Health, is proud to announce the launch of its comprehensive Animal Health Manifesto ahead of the 2024 General Election. This manifesto outlines key policy pledges aimed at improving animal health and welfare across the UK, calling on parliamentary candidates and the next government to support and adopt these essential measures.

NOAH’s Animal Health Manifesto 2024 addresses the critical issues facing the animal health industry and explains how the sector is vital to ensuring the highest standards of care for animals. Key recommendations include:

  1. An innovative regulatory framework: Regulation that future-proofs the development of novel products and safeguards the accessibility of safe and effective animal medicines across Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
  2. Championing One Health solutions: Improve collaboration and partnership between human, animal, and environmental sectors to find One Health solutions to One Health challenges.
  3. Promoting responsible medicine use: Support a proactive outlook to the health and welfare of animals, including a responsible approach to disease prevention and the use of veterinary medicines.
  4. Strengthening UK R&D: Ensure funding for research and development of new medicines and animal health solutions is a priority in the UK.

Dawn Howard, NOAH Chief Executive said, “our manifesto reflects the animal health industry’s commitment to advancing animal health and welfare in the UK.

“We believe that these policy proposals are not only crucial for the wellbeing of animals but also for the health and prosperity of our communities and environment.

“The recommendations are designed to address the current and future challenges of the sector, ensuring a holistic One Health approach that benefits animal, human, and environmental health.

“We urge all parliamentary candidates to read our manifesto and ask the next government to support these measures to ensure a thriving animal health sector in the years to come.”

NOAH invites stakeholders to join the conversation about animal health and welfare.

The full manifesto is available for download on our website

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