Tips to Protect Cats in Cold Weather: Keeping Your Feline Friends Warm and Safe in Plummeting Temperatures

Cats are generally good at finding warm, cosy places to rest if the temperature drops but young, old or cats struggling with health conditions may need additional care.

With a cold spell affecting much of the UK, Cats Protection has some top tips to help protect cats in plummeting temperatures:

  • If your cat is seeing snow for the first time, let them explore a safe, enclosed area first and accompany them in case they get into difficulty.
  • Check your cat’s paws when they come in and gently wipe off any road grit, salt or compacted snow.
  • Like humans, cats can get frostbite. Be vigilant for any signs of skin discolouration, pain, swelling and/or blisters, particularly on extremities such as their ears and toes.
  • Consider keeping your cat indoors at night when temperatures are lower and the risk of road traffic accidents is higher.
  • Provide shelter for cats that have access outside. Keep the doors of sheds and outbuildings closed, or wedged slightly open, or install a cat flap so cats do not become trapped inside.
  • Check your cat flap regularly to ensure it hasn’t frozen over or become blocked by snow.
  • Cats may climb into vehicle engines for warmth while out roaming. Be vigilant and check under the bonnet of your vehicle before starting your vehicle.
  • The cold can severely affect the joints of arthritic cats. Provide plenty of warm and comfy places to sleep and ensure your cat can access them easily.
  • Your cat may love to snuggle in front of the fire to keep warm; screen off open fireplaces and always supervise your cat if you have a fire lit.

More advice on keeping cats safe can be found here.

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