Budget-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers and Their Feline Friends

Cat lovers can treat their moggies and fellow cat fans without breaking the bank this Christmas, thanks to some top tips from the charity Cats Protection.

From home-made puzzle toys to stylish home accessories, the budget ideas will be ideal for cost-conscious gifters, avid crafters or those looking for more eco-friendly presents.

Cats Protection’s Behaviour Manager Nicky Trevorrow said: “Christmas is a time for sharing and we know people consider their cats as part of the family. It’s only right you may want to treat your feline friend to a present under the tree but you really don’t need to spend a lot of money. Cats are masters of fun and, with a little creativity and the odd toilet roll tube or two, you can make something which will give them hours of fun.”

The charity’s top tips include:

  • Cat dens: Hole in your best jumper? Outgrown that beloved band T-shirt? You can reinvent your favourite garments into a cosy cat bed or secret den for your moggy. T-shirts can be simply stretched over a cardboard box, positioning the neck hole as an entrance to your cat’s den. For jumpers, fill with stuffing, stitch up all openings and use the sleeves to form a snug cocoon bed. For full instructions, visit Cats Protection’s YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/@catsprotection
  • Catnip stockings: Old socks can find a new purpose in life as your cat’s Christmas stocking. Simply fill with dried catnip and then either stitch up or tie a secure knot to give your moggy hours of fun. You can even add a bell or crinkly paper to the stuffing to add a little extra interest.
  • Boredom busters: Raid the recycling to make the perfect toys to keep cats occupied this Christmas. Collect up your empty toilet roll tubes, secure together with strong tape and then fill with a portion of your cat’s dried food – they’ll have great fun fishing out their treats. And all those cardboard boxes from online shopping can be positioned to make a mini village which your cat will love to explore, play and snooze in. Cut holes for doors, windows and add blankets or carpet offcuts for a touch of luxury. Kids will love to get involved – so save all those boxes for school holiday fun for everyone.
  • Kitty bakes: For the sweet-toothed cat lover, whip up a tray of tasty kitty cookies. For recipe ideas, see Cats Protection’s YouTube channel.
  • Shop for cats: If you’re hitting the shops for your Christmas gifts, check out Cats Protection’s shops across the UK. You’ll find a host of feline-themed gifts, as well as a treasure trove of bargains. Alternatively, hop on to the online store to find gifts for cats and the people who love them. To find your nearest store, visit https://www.cats.org.uk/shop

To find more ideas, visit Cats Protection’s YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/@catsprotection

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