RSPCA appeal after dead pregnant cat found in bag in Grimsby park

The charity was alerted to the shocking discovery by Humberside Police

The RSPCA has launched an appeal for information after a dead pregnant, injured cat was found in a carrier bag at a park in Grimsby.

Humberside Police alerted the RSPCA after a local authority staff member working at Grant Thorold Park found the cat on Sunday (27 August), while collecting litter.

The staff member found the female, tabby and white semi-long hair cat in a green plastic bag, which had been placed under some bushes in the Durban Road park.

Worryingly, the cat had several puncture wounds across her body – although the precise cause of her death is currently unknown. However, the injuries are potentially consistent with being attacked by a dog.

The cat’s tail had also been removed – and was cut off approximately two inches from the base.

The animal welfare charity has now launched an appeal for information in the hope of finding out what may have happened to the cat.

RSPCA inspector Natalie Hill is looking into the incident, and said: “It’s unclear if anything malicious has happened here – but this poor cat was found injured and dead in a bag at a local park, and I’m keen to find out exactly what happened.

“The puncture wounds found on the pregnant tabby are perhaps consistent with being bitten by a dog, while most of the cat’s tail has also been removed.

“We’d urge anyone who knows anything about how this cat ended up in a plastic bag at Grant Thorold Park on or around 27 August to get in touch, via our inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018.”

Given the cat’s injuries may potentially have been caused by an attack from a dog, the RSPCA has also launched a reminder to owners about the importance of keeping their canine companions under control.

Inspector Natalie added: “It’s so important that dog owners remember they have a responsibility to keep their pets under control. That’s vital in avoiding suspected attacks on other animals like this.”

The discovery of the cat comes amid the RSPCA’s ongoing Cancel Out Cruelty campaign – which highlights that the summer months are often the busiest for the charity’s frontline officers.

In 2022, in Lincolnshire alone, the charity received reports of 385 incidents involving cats – while across England and Wales, there were 17,869 reports made to the RSPCA about cats – including incidents of neglect, abandonment and international harm.

Natalie said: “Animal cruelty peaks in the summer with three reports every single minute – and our teams are busy across Grimsby, Lincolnshire and beyond.

“RSPCA frontline rescuers, volunteers and our network of branches are working tirelessly to save animals this summer, but we cannot do it without our supporters. We need the help of members of the public to cancel out cruelty more than ever.”

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5 thoughts on “RSPCA appeal after dead pregnant cat found in bag in Grimsby park

  1. Rohvannyn says:

    I normally love this blog but I absolutely did not need to see that image. If in the the body of the blog, fine. But, right up at the top where it can’t be avoided? I feel very deeply for cats, have adopted several, and give regularly to the cause – they are like family to me. So to see one like this can literally haunt me for days – meanwhile not helping the cause of cats at all since I am already sympathetic. I hate to ask for trigger warnings and am normally not that squeamish but you may want to consider it, especially in the case of a poor dead mother like this who likely never hurt anyone in her life. Thanks for reading.

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