Battersea Celebrated International Cat Day with Unique Feline Residents of 2023

With thousands of cats being cared for by the leading animal welfare charity each year, Battersea sees a wide variety of felines coming through its gates, some of which with more unique quirks than others. To mark International Cat Day, Battersea is celebrated by sharing some of its most distinctive residents of 2023 so far. 
Bradley Tovell, Cattery Team Leader at Battersea, said: “Every cat is an individual with their own personality, and the cats at Battersea are no different. From felines with thumbs to kindles of kittens, we see cats of all shapes, sizes, and ages who are looking for their perfect homes. Here at Battersea, we hope that pet owners will join us in celebrating this International Cat Day by championing their own cats’ quirks.” 

Meet some of Battersea’s most unique residents of 2023: 

Weighing just two kilos, one-year-old Dinx is a tiny but mighty cat who despite being much smaller than your typical cat, boasts a larger-than-life personality and loves nothing more than playtime. Once he’s worn himself out from chasing toy mice and balls around his pen, Dinx enjoys clambering onto the laps of Battersea’s dedicated staff for some well-earned chin scratches and a good snooze. He is currently looking for a home and would require outside access and a secure garden where he can explore.

Battersea’s oldest resident, Skittles, is a 17-year-old Domestic Short Hair cat who was born with extra digits on her paws and is what’s known as a polydactyl cat. Although Skittles’ extra toes might be a unique party trick, she is no different than your typical adult cat and enjoys having a fuss with plenty of strokes and chin rubs. As an older lady, Skittles prefers to spend her time relaxing on the sofa or finding a comfy spot to snooze and is looking for a quiet home where she can enjoy her golden years.

10-week-old Peppadew came to Battersea with his brother, Jalapeno in May. Due to their age, the pair were looked after by one of Battersea’s dedicated Foster Carers to help them flourish and get used to life in a home environment. They were weighed weekly to monitor their growth and became particularly fond of their weighing bowl, happily curling up and getting cosy. Thanks to the care and patience of their Foster Carer, the pair progressed in leaps and bounds and have since gone off to their new home together, where they have been enjoying bowls full of love from their new family and partaking in lots of playtime.

Four-year-old Sphynx cat Ernie was a loveable gentleman who made friends with everyone he met during his time at Battersea. Sphynx cats are a rare sight at Battersea and Ernie enjoyed the attention his unique looks gave him from his human friends. While Battersea don’t recommend jumpers for most cats, Ernie wore them for medical reasons and had an impressive collection of colours and designs. He was quickly snapped up and has been enjoying lots of cuddles with his new family. 

One-year-old Loki is one of Battersea’s longest stay residents and has shown to be a real character during his time in the charity’s care. Loki has spent some time in a home environment with one of Battersea’s dedicated Foster Carers and gained lots of confidence, enjoying spending time with his Foster Carer and being treated to strokes. As a curious cat, Loki enjoys being kept busy and has been using a puzzle feeder to entertain him during food time. He is looking for a home with access to a private garden where he can stretch his legs and go off on plenty of adventures.

Pearl is a blind, three-legged young cat who won the hearts of everyone she met during her stay at Battersea. On arrival, Pearl had a damaged leg and the charity’s dedicated Clinic team worked hard to ensure that she could live her life to the fullest as a happy and healthy kitten. Though she now has three legs, she never let this stop her playful, friendly character from shining through. Following her recovery, Pearl was soon spotted by a family who fell in love with her affectionate nature. Her new owners said that Pearl “immediately made herself at home and spends almost all day playing and running around as fast as she can.” 

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