Cats Protection Urges Welsh Pet Lovers to Support Compulsory Microchipping of Cats

Cats Protection has urged Welsh pet lovers to join its campaign for compulsory microchipping of pet cats after the measure became law in England.

Following an announcement earlier this year, all pet cats in England will need to be microchipped by law from June 2024 – yet there are still no plans for it to be introduced in Wales.

Cats Protection says compulsory microchipping would make a huge difference to cat welfare in Wales, with the charity’s Cats and Their Stats (CATS) report 2022 showing that over a quarter (28%) of cats in Wales are not microchipped.

Welsh animal lovers are now being urged to back the charity’s campaign by using an online form on its website to contact their MS to ask they support the move.

Cats Protection’s Advocacy & Government Relations Officer for Wales Daryl Gordon said: “Microchipping is already compulsory for dogs throughout the whole of the UK, and from next year it will also be compulsory for cats in England. This is clearly a very important pet welfare issue, yet there are still no plans for this to be introduced for cats in Wales.

“As a nation of pet lovers, we don’t want to see Wales left behind when it comes to cat welfare. We’re urging the Welsh Government to get behind this issue so that cats in Wales receive the same protection that will soon be given to cats over in England.

“Compulsory microchipping of pet cats would ensure more cats can be reunited with their owners if they are lost or missing. It also helps to identify cats which have sadly died in road accidents and helps to reduce the pressure on animal charities which may find it impossible to trace the owner of an un-microchipped stray or lost cat, despite their best efforts.”

The charity is asking animal lovers to get involved by using its website to send a message to their MS telling them to support compulsory microchipping of pet cats. To find out more, please visit

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