How a Tabby Kitten Saved My Heart: A Story of Hope and Recovery During the Pandemic

The following story was submitted by Sarah D. via email:

This is our story about our favourite fur baby.

Looking back, It was during the Covid pandemic and it was December 2020. We finally got the go ahead to have another IVF cycle after the initial shut down where thousands of peoples‘ treatments were postponed until recently.

Going through IVF at the same time as preparing for Christmas after isolating for so long was quite a juggle.

We found out the week before that our second IVF attempt had failed. We were back to square one. 10 years of trying and another heart break.

Most people don’t know how to react when you tell them your cycle had failed. I can understand peoples’ uncertainty of what to say. Tumble weed tends to be the present and the occasional ‘sorry’. It’s heartbreaking, but luckily I have a very supportive family and husband.

It was Christmas Day and feeling incredibly low with the recent result. My husband had a little present for me, he showed me a litter bag, litter tray and kitten food. Then shown a photo of this handsome tabby kitten. My eyes filled with hope. I felt so low, devastated, like I was empty inside. My heart felt whole again. We collected him two days later.

He was tiny, and although his age was correct as we would never take him away from his litter too early. After we got him home that evening we saw that he was clearly was under weight and parasite burdened.

That night he ate a large amount of food, used the tray perfectly and slept for hours. He was very quiet and lethargic.

We booked him in for an emergency vet appointment the next morning as we were concerned for his health, he could be anaemic due to the number of fleas clinging on to him.

Once he had all his checks and was declared underweight and riddled with fleas, he had flea treatment, an anenema as he hadn’t pooped in over 24hours and a wormer.

The next 12-24 hours was a massica of fleas dropping from him showing bold patches of skin. Within three days he started coming out of his shell. He was brave, handsome and very insightful.

We made sure he was well fed, given wormer and had all vaccines which are always updated. He loves being out in the garden and chases butterflies.

He is now 2.5 years old. Grown up but still dependant of us, well as much as a cat can be.

We are so lucky to have him. He saved me when my heart was broken in to pieces. He was there at my darkest moments. Gave me a squidge when I needed someone to show love and that it’s ok.

Merlin was brilliant throughout my recovery, he came to sit on my lap which he never did before. He would show affection and love especially when I needed it the most.

One day I was sorting out the laundry. Merlin was asleep on his daddy’s bean bag by the fireplace. I often gave him choices of where to sleep and had a few blankets stacked up by the conservatory door for him. This was be the best thing I did as I turned around with laundry in my hands and fell on my back with the cats blankets saving my back and only hitting my head on the tv table with my arms out behind me to stop the tv failing on top of me.

It sounds worse than what it was from what I remember. Within in seconds of getting up, Merlin came up to me acting worried, checking up on how I was and rubbed up against me. I stroked him and told him I was fine, I had to tell him twice as the first time he moved away slightly but stayed close. The second time I told him I was ok, he went back to his bed.

Merlin has been nothing but a credit, he is so wonderful and we’re lucky to have a special, clever, handsome and loving cat. He isn’t just a cat to us, he’s part of the family, he will forever be ours.

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