See the World Through Your Pet’s Eyes with New Interactive Tool and Viral TikTok Filters

  • “I’m only buying blue toys since I found out her world looks like this,” writes one dog owner in TikTok video liked by 2.9M.
  • New interactive tool gives pet owners an unprecedented opportunity to see everyday life through their pets’ eyes.

If you’ve ever wondered why your pet reaches for the same toy time and time again, you’re not alone. Nearly 100K TikTok users are loving these viral “Dog vision” and “Cat vision” effects, collectively reaching 100M+ impressions across the platform.

The filters, which accurately show humans the colours dogs and cats see the world in, combine the latest research in animal vision science with new technology so that you can learn exactly how your furry friend sees their unique, everyday life in real-time.

Dogs nationwide are now being spoiled with new blue and yellow toys, and one owner hilariously discovered why his pup could never find the ball when playing fetch.

Global pet sitting platform TrustedHousesitters developed the interactive tool and social media filters, where people can try the viral dog vision and cat vision effects on TikTok. For those not on TikTok, upload a picture here to see through the eyes of cats, dogs, birds and rabbits.

More about dog and cat vision:

Animals don’t have the same eyes as humans and can see the world in a very different way, with some even seeing colours humans can’t perceive.

How dogs see the world

How cats see the world

There’s a myth that dogs only see in black and white. However, research dating back to the 1980s has established that dogs can see colour, but only blue, yellow, and shades of grey. According to a groundbreaking 2017 study published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine, dog vision is actually similar to the roughly 9% of humans with red-green colour blindness – with red, orange and green unable to be seen.

Decades of research in cat vision suggests that cats can see shades of blue, grey, and some green. Because of this, cats rely more on detecting motion – which is where they get their famous reflexes. The exact spectrum that cats see is continuously debated by researchers; however, it’s agreed that cats’ two colour-detecting cones don’t allow them to perceive red-orange shades.

Angela Laws, Head of Community at TrustedHousesitters, commented:

“The bond we share with our pets is so special, and truly understanding how they perceive the moments and life we share with them makes that bond even stronger. We created this tool to allow people to learn more about pet vision, as it’s very different from ours. From understanding your pet’s favourite colour to realising how they see you, the tool can give owners a newfound understanding of their best friend.”

Why not try out the dog and cat vision effects on TikTok for yourself and share how your pet sees the world?

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