Vet-AI Launches State-of-the-Art Digital First Vet Practice in London Colney Under Joii Pet Care Brand

Vet-AI, one of the UK’s cutting edge veterinary technology companies, has opened its first state-of-the-art practice in London Colney as part of its drive to revolutionise veterinary care.

The ‘Digital First practice’ will be opened under the Joii Pet Care brand, the firm’s vet care digital app. It is a move that will create 13 new jobs and serve thousands of pets. The new practice will treat any pets that need physical care – expected to be around 30% of cases.

The London Colney practice will be modern and spacious with three consultation rooms. To ensure stress for pets is minimised, there will be no reception desk; instead all appointments will be booked and managed via the app.

Dr Robert Dawson RCVS, vet and co-founder of Joii Pet Care, said: “We’re really excited to be opening our initial ‘Digital First’ practice. Our ambition is to offer more options for affordable, convenient veterinary care to pet owners and I’m really pleased to welcome new staff members to our brilliant team to help us deliver the next step of our journey.

“We plan to open multiple practices in commuter areas of the UK which will serve high population density areas. London Colney is the first part of that wider expansion plan as we look to bring Joii Pet Care to more pet owners. We can support the local area with a vet practice as there are lots of pets, not enough vets. And with our technology, we can see more pets from home as well as in practice.”

Vet-AI has invested in leading technological equipment for the practice. This includes pet-level cameras in the waiting room which will be used to analyse the pets’ gait and body condition. All the diagnostic equipment, from lab machines to X-rays, will be fully integrated with patient records in Joii Pet Care. There are also plans to install technology which will allow pet parents to tailor their appointments around changing schedules in practice, keeping waiting times minimal and pets happier.

Technology in the ‘Digital First’ practice will integrate seamlessly with the Joii Pet Care app to give pet owners unparalleled management of their pets’ health. The app will track every step of a customer’s journey in practice, so all details are in one place – allowing pet owners to book and manage appointments via the app, where they can also track notes and access medical history.

As part of its mission to ensure vet care is affordable and convenient, Joii Pet Care will be offering free first video consultations for new customers to the London Colney practice.

Pet owners can download the Joii Pet Care app to get free access to the firm’s innovative online symptom checker. The veterinary designed symptom checker covers the vast majority of common presenting problems experienced by cats and dogs.

Data from the Joii Pet Care app in the last six months shows that 70% of issues have been solved while pet owners and their animals have remained in the comfort of their own home. The Joii Pet Care vets and vet nurses, who already provide a remote service to more than 330,000 pet owners through the app, will remain available 24/7, 365 days a year. Average wait times to see a vet via the app are less than 6 minutes.

Dr Dawson added: “We know that customers access services very differently now, and vet care is no different. There has been a real shift for the convenience of online options, which works brilliantly when there is an opportunity to visit in-person for an experience based on personal preferences and requirements.”

By joining a Digital First practice, customers can access vets 24/7 from £28 via the Joii Pet Care app with the advantage of also having affordable in-practice consultations on their doorstep. Joii Pet Care also partners with insurers including Animal Friends Insurance, Purely Pets, Waggel and Asda – giving customers free access to Joii Pet Care video calls with vets.

Dr Dawson added: “Joii Pet Care has been and continues to be a lifeline to thousands of pet parents across the UK, offering veterinary care at a fraction of the price without any compromise on quality of care.”

Joii Pet Care is an app from veterinary technology company Vet-AI which launched in spring 2019 to tackle the rising costs of a vet care for pets by offering pet owners remote consultations with real vets and nurses, via their smartphones.

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