Guest Star Cat: Fitzke

My name is Kathleen Dolingo I live in NSW Australia and I’m the proud Mumma to a few indoor cats one of which is named Fitzke.

Fitzke is a Manx cat no tail. I’ve had her in the family her entire life. She’s always been super cute and had great personality but she has truly inspired us.

Fitzke and my other cats are all strictly indoors only and Fitzke was asleep one day on top of the kitchen cupboard she fell and unfortunately her back leg was broken. We rushed her to the vet and it was decided that amputation was best for fFtzke. We agreed and the operation went well.

We were in nearly $3000 worth of debt but we had Fitzke back in the family which was all that truly mattered. She adapted amazingly and we were so proud of how quickly she learnt to get around on three legs and how despite the pain she’d gone through she was always happy and purring.

The accident was 3yrs ago and she has done amazingly well she has to have yearly arthritis injections but besides that she just like any other cat.

We are truly blessed to have her in our family.

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