Guest Star Cat: This is Khole or as I like to call her Yonk.

The following story has been submitted via E-Mail by Connor E.:

She is a 13 year old mixed car from Ellesmere Port, Merseyside but she would think she’s from the big Apple with her super star personality.

Yonk came into my life 8 years ago when I first met my wife and officially became my fur baby shortly after when we had to take take full time care of her after the passing of my mother and father in law.

Yonk starts every day the same…. 4:27am exactly the honks start.

She will wake you up with the cute squeaks that pull at your heart strings and make you want to do anything for her.

We have read everything from “she wants to make sure her family are ok” to “it’s anxiety” but it’s not she’s just hungry and refuses to eat anything and believe me I have tried alternatives from treat balls to a timed treat machine but she wants her meat and gravy and won’t stop till she has you up.

After she has been fed it’s off to the litter box and to make as much noise as possible to ensure her humans are awake and to kick every single kitty litter pellet out the tray for me to clean up.

Then it’s back to bed to lay on myself or my wife and use us as a a back rest.

After her breakfast and bath it is back to sleep where she will take up most of the bed and force myself or my wife out of bed to start our days.

Yonk will follow who ever is working from home that day around the house until she get bored of you and decides it’s off to her tower to look over Liverpool and use my cashmere jumper as her bedding.

Throughout the day she will move spots and recently has taken up working from home also in my wife’s office chair refusing to move even when the chair is needed.

At around 14:30 it’s round 2 of the honks, it’s getting close to dinner time even tho she has had a mid day snack and her treat ball full, that’s just not good enough and you need to be reminded meat and gravy time is near.

She will either jump on my desk and walk over my keyboard, sit under my boom mic and think the Death Star is coming or sit on the living table shouting at my wife until 17:00 when we finish our day.

After tea it’s back to doing what she loves most either sleeping on her tree and enjoying the mood lighting to relax to or watching some TV.

This cat has changed my life and shown me so much love and helped me to grow as a person.

Without her I don’t think I would be the same.

Thank you Khloe

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3 thoughts on “Guest Star Cat: This is Khole or as I like to call her Yonk.

  1. Simon Banks says:

    Lovely! I’ve known only one cat fond of TV: he liked snooker and rugby! My current cats, believe me, fit in with my mealtimes, but I only need to go down to the kitchen soon before such a time for requests to start. Fortunately the only early-morning demands are Suzy the tortoiseshell demanding a cuddle in bed. But as soon as I get up, it’s action stations for them.

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