Guest Cat Star: Story of the Birthday Gift Kitty “Kuro”

One spring day, Kuro was picked up as a birthday gift. His name was “Onix” and he was very little, just a few weeks old.

He was full of energy and curious to explore his surroundings. He had a big brother named “Liono” there who would show him the ropes.

Liono even showed Kuro how to patiently wait for treats at the table!

Kuro also got a big sister named “Izma” at his furever home. Izma tolerated him and rested together at times.

One time he visited his grandma in Lorton, Virginia. He was fascinated with the stairs there and ran up and down like a bullet. He has seen such thing for the first time!

Kuro loves to explore and fit himself in many different places like the sink and inside a shopping bag.

He loves to attack mommy’s socks at times.

Kuro is very attached to his human daddy and always stays close to him.

Kuro does not forget to admire his looks in the mirror either!

A couple of years down the road, his human got a feral kitty and adopted off the street after feeding out on the porch for about 6 months. They named him “Julio”. Julio got attached to Kuro very quickly and always followed him around. They became good buddies!

Kuro is a happy cat living a good life!

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