Tribute: The Great Scooby Do you

The following is a guest post by Debbie W:

Scooby Doo

February 25, 1999 – March 17, 2023

It is with great sorrow we announce the passing of our beloved Scooby Do on March 17, 2023.

Scooby was born 25 Feb 1999 in an undisclosed location in Black Forest Colorado. His birth Mother abandoned him in a barn at birth but he was rescued and taken to a local veterinarian, who nursed him until the age of 5 weeks, at which time we were able to adopt him.

Scooby’s hobbies included catching Miller moths in the house, to the demise of lamps, china and other breakable items, climbing draperies to perch on the curtain rods just for a better view, climbing and breaking the top off the artificial Christmas tree as all young boys need to tree climb, playing hide and seek in boxes of any kind even though some he did not fit in (often forgetting that exposed tails are a location giveaway), howling at the sun before sunrise to let it know he was ready to lay in his favorite sun patch, snuggling in bed with his Uncle Chris (Scooby owned the middle), sparing with his adopted sister Cocoa to which he lost every time (her mighty claw notched his ear). He was friendly to all who met him and made a point to greet all who came to his house. Winters for a few years found him traveling to Weslaco Texas with his dog travel companion Spike who preceded him in death. He relocated to Sun City Arizona in 2012 where he enjoyed watching hummingbirds, 360 days (give or take) of sun patches to lay in, watching cottontail rabbits and quail families running through the yard from his window view, and long naps. A lot of really long naps!

He is survived by his adopted mom and dad, Bob and Debbie Walstead, Uncles Christopher Paulson, Robert K Walstead, Martin Hodgin, and Aunt Anita MacFarlane , cousins, Dakota Hodgin, Sierra Hodgin, Thomas Paulson, Freya Walstead, Connor Walstead and Lilian Fraser, along with many other family and friends who will miss him. He was cremated

A special thanks to Dr Gary McEntyre of Airway Veterinary Hospital, Colorado Springs and Westbrook Animal Hospital, Peoria Arizona for their devoted care.

He was a great friend and will be missed forever.

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