Guest Star: Transforming Teddy!

Hi everyone today we have a very special guest post from Teddy!

Please find his story below:

Hello, my name is Teddy. I’m an all white Manx kitty, my tail is just a stub. I have odd eyes, one blue and one gold. One ear is all kinked up with old battle scars. I’m around 14 years old and up until recently I was living on the streets and having a really rough time.

I was trapped during a local TNR project back in April of this year. I went into that trap to fill my belly. Although I was nervous, I made sure the humans knew I was a nice guy and needed their help.

I had several injuries and infections and I tested positive for FIV. Because I’m an older guy and was such a mess, the vets recommended I be put down. My trapper Kim (one of my new mom’s good friends) said no way, we’re giving this guy a chance!


With medicine and mom’s good nursing care, my infections cleared up quickly and I started filling out from all the good food. Along the way, my new mom and I fell in love!


Even though I’m a senior with chronic health problems, I am a sweet and lovable kitty. I’m in my last forever home now and life is good!


To meet him and his human companion and find out more about how Teddy is getting visit them on Facebook or on his mum’s Blog by clicking here.

And we hope you all are looking forward to more lovely photos and posts <3  @KatzenworldBlog


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10 thoughts on “Guest Star: Transforming Teddy!

  1. Vesta Hutton says:

    Teddy seems like a sweet old man and I am happy you found a good home for him. He deserves some love and comfort after the rough life he has endured. Wishing him some good luck and love from the US.

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