Guest Star Cat: In Memory of the Friendly Feral Kitten Luca

By Rehana Perveen

September 5th, 2021 – I saw you for the first time by a car on the parking lot, so small to my eyes from far that I thought you were a thrown brown paper bag.

As I walked near, I noticed those cute ears and knew you were a kitten!  You sat for a bit and then ran behind the car, peaking out to see me.

Those were the first photos I took of you.  Since then slowly with food and water served quietly before dawn, you started to trust me and came to eat without fear.  A few months later, you let me touch your head, brush you, and pet you.

You responded to my talking to you and we went for walks often, all before the sun had risen and people, children, pets came out for walks.

The last time I saw you was on October 19th, 2022.  I was worried about the dreadful upcoming winter.  Even though there is a shelter with hay which you could use, I was sad you had to fight the cold weather.  I could not take you home with me.

After two weeks of searching around in the middle of the nights, I put a post in lost pets fb page.  Someone told me she saw you around before and knew your area.  She also told me you were hit by a car that weekend after I saw you last.

You passed away on the road right beside where we walked.  I miss you Luca.  I wish we had more time together. I pray that someday I get to see you in heaven and you can stay with me there for eternity.

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3 thoughts on “Guest Star Cat: In Memory of the Friendly Feral Kitten Luca

  1. catladymac says:

    Fly free Luca.
    To your human, at least you know what happened…although with the ones you don’t know, there is always hope.

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