Can we Find Baker the cat a new Home for the New Year?

Funds raised by players of People’s Postcode Lottery help support the care of an overlooked cat while he awaits adoption

Ginger tabby cat Baker is seeking a new home for the new year after being overlooked for adoption for over three months.

The team at Cats Protection’s Cornwall Adoption Centre is hoping to find the ‘purr-fect’ home for the nine-year-old moggy to give him a fresh start in 2023.

Baker has sadly found himself in the centre’s care twice now, due to some minor stress-related health issues, but he is an extremely affectionate and chatty cat who loves a fuss and a warm lap, so will make an ideal companion for the right adopter.

Gareth Williams, Senior Rehoming Welfare Assistant at the centre, said: “Baker is almost always there to greet people at his pen door and on the rare occasions he is in his bed he will come charging out to chirp at you and demand strokes. He makes the most amazing, unique noises to communicate – ranging all the way from purrs to chirrups and meows. You will never be short on conversation with this chap around! He is also a big lap cat – he will take any opportunity to plant himself on you and will happily keep your lap warm for hours.

“Baker does find the rehoming process stressful, which can flare up his health issues. Therefore, we are seeking a calm, adult only home for him without other pets to limit any potential stressors. In the right environment, with an owner who is happy to give him the time and space he needs to get settled, he will shine like the star he is and become a key part of the family.

“While they await adoption, cats like Baker are cared for by staff and volunteers at the centre, who do everything possible to make them feel at home during their stay. I’d also like to thank players of People’s Postcode Lottery, who have been supporting Cats Protection since 2018. The funds they raise are a huge help in enabling this vital work.”

Funds are awarded by Postcode Animal Trust and are currently aiding the charity’s cat care work in centres, along with its grief support service Paws to Listen and the work of its Behaviour, Advocacy and Insights teams.

For more information on Baker, or to see any of the other cats available at the Cornwall Adoption Centre, visit

If you live outside the Cornwall area and would like to adopt a cat, please visit to see cats available for homing near you.

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